Student Show!!!

Spring 16 Grace Gallery Show Schedule:

Student Shows

Show I / Starts before Spring Break
April 19 to May 4

The following courses are part of this show:
COMD1100, COMD1103, COMD1162, COMD1167, COMD1231, COMD2313, COMD3413, COMD3513, COMD3613, COMD2330, COMD2340, COMD1200, COMD1292, COMD2412

Show II
May 6 to May 13

The following courses are part of this show:
COMD2327, COMD2427, COMD2300, COMD2400, COMD2450, COMD3551, COMD3561,COMD3652, COMD3662, COMD3663, COMD4764, COMD3508, COMD3523, COMD3540, COMD3640, COMD3641, COMD4740, COMD3501, COMD3527, COMD3601, COMD4611, COMD3712, CDMG3532, CDMG3611, COMD3500, COMD3530, COMD3600, COMD3610, COMD3521, COMD3621, COMD3620, COMD3630, COMD4701

Show III
May 19 to May 25

Senior Project Show // Project Due: May 16

Spring 2016: COMD Instructor Survey (fill out by March 1st)

COMD Instructors:

Please fill out this semester’s survey by March 1st! It was sent out via departmental email and I have 21 responses. WE CAN DO BETTER!

We are using the data you provide to reprocess key requests and improve how the department supports you.Please fill the survey out by March 1st as all responses will be aggregated into a report for the parties who most need to see what your needs are. Also, be sure to send this survey to your faculty:

S16 Faculty Show

COMD Faculty Exhibit Grace Gallery

Faculty Show Flyer

March 7 to March 31

Submission deadline: Thursday, March 3

Things to know:

  • All media accepted.
  • Electronic submissions are accepted.
  • Work must be ready to hang.
  • Please keep in mind that I need time to map the gallery and prepare labels.
  • Sorry no late work accepted.
  • Limit: 2 pieces.
  • Work must be clearly labeled with your name.
  • Work in Grace Gallery is NOT insured.

Deadline for electronic submissions is March 3, but please let me know by Friday, February 26 if this is your intention and the nature of work (animation, web, jpegs others)

Insurance Info:

College’s insurance policy does not cover the Grace Gallery. Please fill and sign the enclosed release form if you submit art for the show. Without this form we cannot accept or display your work. The gallery might be used for other activities, and will remain open while the show is running.

Drop off work dates:

Grace Gallery: Leave on tables

  • February 25: 11am to 1pm
  • February 29: 10am to 2pm
  • March 2: 10am to 1pm


  • All work should be picked up promptly after the show ends. No later than April 1.

Accurate roll: reprint your rosters now!

As the students have had their chances to move their schedules and all possible changes have now been made, be sure to check your current rosters on CUNYFirst. The lists you printed out during the first week are probably not completely accurate.

If there are any discrepancies, the roster is the final say. Any students not on the roster are not in the class and will not be able to get in anymore.

Please note: Blackboard is always updating so its roll is accurate.

URGENT: Attendance Rosters due Tuesday, 2/23!

Instructions for submitting Verification of Attendance rosters

Good Morning Everyone,

As you know, a very large percentage of our students depend upon financial aid to attend college. Government regulations require the college to confirm attendance in each course before financial aid can be applied to student accounts Failure to report accurate information puts the college and students at great risk of audit disallowances that result in large fines and loss of aid. We need your help to maintain accurate attendance records.

Faculty are required to indicate either affirmatively that the student has attended the course or negatively that the student has never attended any of the class meetings since the beginning of the term. For your convenience, I have attached a copy of the instructions as noted in the faculty guide. The directions for the submission verification of attendance rosters begin on page 30. It is IMPERATIVE that faculty adhere to the submission deadlines listed below:

Verification of Attendance rosters open to faculty Thursday February 18, 2016

Please note the University has scheduled maintenance beginning Saturday February 20 7:00PM ending Sunday February 21 at 7:00PM. You will not have access to CUNYfirst during this time. PLEASE NOTE THE COLLEGE DOES NOT HAVE ANY CONTROL OVER SYSTEMIC SCHEDULED MAINTENANCE DATES

Verification of Attendance rosters close Tuesday February 23, 2016 at midnight

Once WN grades are posted all faculty will be given 5 business days to make ANY WN reversals.  WN grade reversals will not be honored after the deadline.  Further information regarding the specific deadlines will be forthcoming. 

It is important to note that the faculty MUST be assigned to their class in order to access to their commencement of attendance rosters in the faculty center. As you are aware Enrollment Management recently restricted access to the Schedule of Classes. As such, the Deans office will need to be contacted to add any additional faculty assignments for Spring 2016. For all other issues NOT related to faculty access and/or assignments please send an email to:

Tasha Y. Rhodes
New York City College of Technology
718-260-5821  |  718-254-8532 (FAX)

Spring 2016: Update your syllabi!

We have a mandate from the Provost and the Dean requiring the  informed participation of all of our department’s full-time and adjunct instructors in the General Education Goals of City Tech.

What does this all mean?

We have a growing General Education culture on campus and this is another major step to include everyone. The Provost and the Dean believe that Gen Ed’s goals are the basis for moral and ethical decision-making, both in personal and professional life, and are essential in creating good citizens. Gen Ed’s goals help our students cope with challenges in society and business, and offer them avenues to make important contributions as part of each individual’s duty toward public service to the community at large. This is above and beyond the work-a-day challenges of learning, maintaining and utilizing the design, technology and production skills required in our profession, as described in the “Course Objectives” in each syllabus.

You need to add General Education Goals to your syllabus

I have added them to my old syllabus, so you can download that and copy them into yours right in InDesign.

If not, please feel free to do the following:

Gen Ed Goals are listed (currently under the old term General Education Objectives) in the official Course Outlines, the documents we create to have our classes ratified by College Council. You need to grab the goals and copy them into your syllabi to students.

Where to find your Course Outlines:

These can be found on the City Tech website:

  1. Select “Academics” in the top menu bar.
  2. Select “Design, Graphics and Entertainment” from the Areas of Study list.
  3. Select the box that reads “Communication Design” if your course’s acronym is COMD or the box that reads “Communication Design Management” if your course’s acronym is CDMG.
  4. Select “Student Resources” from the menu bar.
  5. Or use these direct links:

You will see a list of all the official Course Outlines. Choose the one for the course you are teaching and you will find the

  • Course Description
  • Lab/Lecture hours/credits/pre- and co-requisites
  • Course Objectives: Instructional Objectives and Assessment
  • Gen Ed Objectives (which, as stated above, will be re-titled “Gen Ed Goals” in your syllabus.

NOTE: a), b), c) and d) listed above MUST be included in the syllabi for all your courses. The rest of the syllabus is up to you as to content, subject to approval by your Course Leader(s).

Simply copy and paste these items into your syllabus.

Formatting your syllabus

It is not necessary to reformat your syllabi into the Course Outline template, which is designed in Word. Please be advised that the department is considering establishing a standardized page template for all COMD and CDMG syllabi.

The weekly lessons / labs calendar you will see at the end of each Course Outline are meant to be guides for potential lessons. Each of you can discuss with your Course Leader how strictly to adhere to it. The department has traditionally left it up to each instructor to structure their own course’s lectures and labs as they see fit.

All updated Spring 2016 syllabi must be submitted ASAP to me, your Course Leader to assure compliance with the Provost and Dean’s mandate.

General Education Program Mission Statement

An individual who has received a sound general education is characterized by intellectual curiosity, and an awareness of the social significance of education in a diverse world. General education thus fosters personal growth, as well as providing a strong academic base which will lead to the successful completion of a baccalaureate degree. General Education Requirements have been designed to introduce students to the content and methodology of diverse academic disciplines and to appreciate their interrelationship. This serves not only to expand students’ knowledge, but to help them formulate goals regarding future careers and graduate study, and provide a foundation for a well-lived life. General Education Requirements provide a foundation for a life of learning and professional success by enabling students to:

  • Develop skills of critical analysis and problem-solving.
  • Construct an effective argument based on evidence and reasoning.
  • Generate, synthesize and clearly express ideas through writing and speaking.
  • Develop research skills, using both traditional and electronic media.
  • Acquire quantitative literacy and essential mathematical skills.
  • Develop skills of visual literacy in order to analyze and interpret information presented in diverse forms.
  • Gain knowledge of diverse world societies, cultures and languages.
  • Understand the economic, political and social structure of contemporary society and the background of ideas and events that contributed to its formation.
  • Appreciate diverse forms of creative expression in literature and the fine and performing arts.
  • Develop opportunities for self-expression through writing, speaking and artistic activity.
  • Understand the workings of the human mind and body and learn activities that promote health and well-being.
  • Gain scientific knowledge of the physical environment and the ecological impact of human behavior.


Republishing this as it seems to not have registered….

From the Assistant Provost:

Dear Colleagues:
The end of the semester is nearly here! Please remember that the deadline for submitting your grades in CUNYfirst and eClass folders to the department is Friday, December 11 through Monday, December 28, 2015.
Please save your completely filled out eClass folder as a pdf file and email to the liaison in your department with the * next to their name on the attached access list.  Please use Subject: eClass folders – fall 2015 as your email subject.

eFolders (zipped files)

To submit the eClass Folders:
1. By  MONDAY, December 28, 2015. you should email your eClass Folder as a pdf file to your departmental eClass folder liaison via your City Tech email account.Personal email accounts should not be used. The Excel file or a scanned file (11” x 17”) are acceptable. Scanners are available in departmental offices and the Faculty Resource Room (Atrium ground floor). Please fill in all of the information requested on the eClass Folder. The department will not accept your folder unless all information has been provided. Your efforts to provide complete records will help to resolve any questions that students raise regarding their course grades, especially when they appeal. All faculty need to submit eClass folders, even those teaching labs and other sections where a grade may not be submitted.
2. Use the following convention to name your eClass folder before sending:

i. Course Number
ii. Section Number
iii. Instructor Name
iv. Semester Code

EXAMPLE: Prof. Jane Doe taught CUNYfirst Basics, CFB 1100, on Thursday evenings, section E584 in Fall 2015. The eClass Folder would be named: CFB1100 E584 Doe Fall 2015.

If there are two faculty in your department with the same last name, you can add a first initial before the last name. Thus, if there is another Prof. Doe in the department the name would be: CFB1100 E584 J Doe Fall 2015.
Attached you will find the general directions for using the eClass folders.
1. Submit grades in CUNYfirst and email class folders by Monday, December 28, 2015 to departmental eClass folder liaison on the attached list
2. When submitting the eClass folders to the department use Subject: eClass folders – fall 2015
3. Use naming convention: Course number section number last name semester code
4. Instructions for creating an electronic signature in Excel are attached. Alternative ways to sign include printing the eClass folder, signing and scanning; inserting a scanned signature; or typing your name. As the email with the eClass folder is sent via your password protected City Tech email, this confirms your identity.
Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.
Thank you!
Pamela Brown, PhD, PE
Associate Provost
New York City College of Technology
300 Jay Street, Namm 320
Brooklyn, NY 11201
Ph. 718.260.5560

Student Shows: Redux

From Prof. Giuiliani
The Student Exhibit is rapidly approaching.  Electronic Submissions for Show I are due next week. Please remember that show participation is required. Please let me  (Maria Giulianiknow by Friday, November 6, if you will be using the wall or submitting digital files so I can effectively assign spaces to the gallery Once I know, I will send you invite to the Dropbox folder. Please see attached information for further specs and information.

Here is that attachment


The following courses are part of this show:
COMD1100, COMD1103, COMD 1162, COMD 1167, COMD1231, COMD2313, COMD2413, COMD2330, COMD2340, COMD1200, COMD 1292, COMD2412


  • Brodeur
  • Clarke (electronic submissions)
  • Giraldo
  • Manigault
  • Michals
  • Petrillo
  • Spevack


  • Electronic submission deadline: November 12
  • Installation of physical pieces: Tuesday, November 17
  • Show Opens: Wednesday, November 18 @10 am
  • Deinstallation: November 24 @ 5pm

What you must do

  • Follow the directions in the PDF provided above.
  • Please consider submitting electronic slides, and please do it as you are asked to.
  • Send a verification to Maria that you are sending electronic submissions and you will be invited to the dropbox folder by her.
  • Resolution for jpgs for electronic submissions should be 120 dpi.
  • You must use the template for the slides that we provide.
  • Submit work from at least 8 students.
  • Submit the body of work you would like to show: I am not asking you all to show the same project as I think we all had our own approaches.

If you do not participate or do so shoddily, it can affect your being reappointed for next term. I want you to all look your best, so please email me with questions!


Midterm Grades

I was alarmed to find that some of you are not getting your City tech email. Once again, this is the official means of communication for this job.  From Mary Ann:

Hello Everyone,
Like previous semesters, the College does not have a formal mechanism for entering mid term grades. However the policy still stands. Faculty are “obliged to inform students of their standing at the midterm, based on work submitted to date.”
The Registrar indicates that the midterm date for the Fall 2015 is  Thursday October 22nd.

The grading scheme is as follows:

P=Passing work
BL= Borderline
SA=Stopped Attending

Last semester, some of the methods faculty used to assign grades included Blackboard, Excel spreadsheets and emailing grades.  In your communications with students, It would be helpful to also remind them the last day to officially withdraw from a class with a “W” grade is November 9th. Finally, since these methods communicate the grades to the students but not to counselors, for students who are struggling, please use the early intervention system online  at

Thank you,
Mary Ann

Survey Results

I was going over the results and wanted to reiterate some items:


I emailed Mary Ann and the Dean’s assistant as soon as I saw you were not being paid. I am terribly sorry for this lapse, it is ridiculous. Thank you all for your patience, I wish it need never be tested in this way.


I have submitted all the requests formally. I have no idea how long physical keys will take, but key cards should be fixed sooner so you can use your ID to get into some classrooms already fitted with sensors.


You must fill out the form only found in hard copy form in N1112 (ask Uriah or Sharmaine). Once you submit it, it takes 2 weeks (!!!!!) to get approved by the Dean. You must fill this out to leave campus or you put the college at serious risk of getting sued for any unforeseen accidents. If you plan on going to Williamsburg, consider using the ferry as it is way faster than the subway and is also extremely cool.

More Details:

Has your course leader been in touch?

I am your course leader and I have been in touch. I was surprised to see a few of you checked no on this one!

Mailbox location: 

Namm 1112, next to the photocopier. This was listed on the Onboarding page when I found out, sorry I did not notify you better.

Student Show Schedule:

I published this weeks ago, please read the site posts to stay updated. I also emailed you after Mary Ann had done so as well. I will be posting about how you can best present your work soon.

New Faculty Packet:

This site is my version, but I also linked to it on the Resources and Forms page weeks ago.

Adjunct Storage:

This is hard as we have many long-term faculty who have many drawers. I will fight to get you a flat file for work as soon as I can, but I may have to step on some toes.


Printing Kits

I have 2 kits set up for general use. If you have charged your students the fee, I need to know as I will get more cutters and eraser material.

Kits contain:

  • Cleaning supplies: the paper towels keep getting stolen, bringing more today…
  • 3-4 ink pads, the students can share
  • several cutters (some have the blades in the handle, the wood ones are fitted with the blade sizes that are most used, so do not take them apart, just have student switch).
  • Rulers
  • A couple of pencils, adding more today: these are for drawing baselines and for the students to make their own transfer paper: they get their letters and then they color the back with a solid patch of graphite so they can transfer the letter to the eraser
  • Old stamps so there are plenty of letters: please be nice to these, they do get a bit fragile
  • A scissor

Let me know ASAP if you need me to supply eraser material. I have to run to the art store which is a bit out of the way.

I am hoping to make a quick how to video if at all possible tonight.


2 instructors have come to me with days they have to be absent (days they notified the department about upon hiring).

You can find subs for yourselves with the people on this list unless you are teaching more than 8 hours a week. Over 8 hours and you are maxed out, you cannot sub for other people. In our case, if you are an adjunct and you have a second class beyond this, you may be maxed out and cannot take on more hours. I have attached the Substitute Service Form, so when you find your sub from our pool of 1167 instructors, fill it out and follow the directions. Be sure to cc Mary Ann and myself on everything as we need to know.

Please let me know when you have to be out and who from this group is subbing for you as soon as possible. There is some paperwork to be done. I have asked Mary Ann’s permission for this, but please do not abuse it.

Here is the official policy on unexpected absences:


Instructors are responsible for reporting their absences to the department. A message must be left with the secretary in the departmental office, or for night and weekend courses with the Evening and Summer Sessions Office (Namm Hall NG-07) Phone: 718.260.5565 

Immediately upon returning to the college, instructors should complete an NY 15 form or “Pink Card” for absence, noting the reason for the absence, and give it to the department, who will forward it to the Human Resource Department. “Pink Cards” can be obtained in the department office. Authority to cancel a class rests with the department.Under no circumstance may an instructor find a substitute without the permission of the department chairperson. 

Adjunct faculty are permitted two class cancellations with pay. Three or more adjunct absences will result in forfeiture of pay for that session, unless the instructor holds a make-up session on uniform finals day.

Font Sources for Students

I received a great question from Lisa today: why do I only let students download fonts from Font Squirrel?

Other sources like Da Font are terribly curated, filled with crappily manufactured fonts. Font Squirrel fonts are free, legal, and beautifully crafted as they have criteria for the lists. Also, most of these fonts are available for free use in interactive projects, which is a huge plus.

Font Squirrel

Other resources have far fewer fonts, some quite fancy. I generally do not use these unless we have a need to more decorative fonts.

The League of Moveable Type

Lost Type Co-op