Student Work

Fall 2014

City Tech ADV3560: Information Design for the WWW

Group Projects:
The class was divided into 4 groups and each tea worked to redesign the department site. They performed a fast charrette-type project, working in as many steps in the interaction design process as was possible.

Team Abracadabra  Team Shazaam Team Wowee Zowee  Team Awesome Sauce

Individual/Duo Projects:
Each student was asked to come up with a problem in the world for which they would propose a solution. Some designed apps, others websites.

Jasmine Welch Anddy Ferreira Mihee Kim Daniel Oliverio Xenia Saptefrati
 Jessica Montano
& Briseida Montiel
 Sara Solomon Elena Prokhortseva  Luis Salcedo Carolyn Chen