A note on my handouts: I steal from master teachers and artists to bring my students the best. I am still formulating these handouts and have not credited anyone. Please do not take offense if I have borrowed your research. I never take credit for it, I just create tools for my students. Email me if you need me to credit your idea, I will do so immediately. Also, as I hammer out my materials, I will credit my sources as that is a teachable moment.

Class One Handout 001
Class Two Handout 002
Class Three Handout 003
Class Four Handout 004
Class Five Handout 005
Class Six Handout 006
Class Seven Handout 007
Class Eight  No Handout
Class Nine & Ten Handout 009
Class Eleven Handout 011
Class Twelve Handout 012
Class Thirteen
Class Fourteen