Week Three

  • Lecture/Warmup
  • Check Homework from last week:
    • You will check in with your groups, make changes
  • This week’s work:
    • Negative Space
    • Blind Contours
  • Introduction to the Illusion of Depth


Due: February 24

Everything should be in your progress book on printer paper.

Warm up

I need to see at least one full page of warm ups. Three would be ideal and I will require these for every class and assignment.

Drawing One

Choose an object in your home. It can be fairly complex if you are feeling confident. If you choose simply shaped items, put a few together. Draw these with a blind contour line, using your pencil as we did in class and try not to peek!

Drawing Two

Do a negative space drawing of the exact same item(s) at the exact same angle.

Extra Credit

Do anything in my class a few times and you will get extra credit.





Drawing One: blind drawing of objects


Drawing Two: negative space drawing of same objects as above


Go to website and watch, read, take in material!



You must buy some of the materials for this class. I strongly suggest Dick Blick  stores as they dot the city and are affordable. They acquired Utrecht, but still under different names, so be sure to check those stores out as well.