New Class Rules


In looking over the work that has been turning in over the three weeks, and in light of the fact that I had to actually yell at people to be quiet yesterday, I am forced to impose some rules for the remaining 6 weeks of the semester:

  1. I will assign seating starting next week. You will not get up to talk with others until we are in a work time.
  2. If I have to ask twice for you to keep the noise down, I will mark you absent.
  3. If I assign a medium you do not like, you must work in that medium. I have a curriculum, you are a student following that curriculum. we can speak about using other media after you have completed the tasks I have asked you to complete to satisfy the requirements I must meet as an instructor.
  4. Turning in work that you obviously churned out minutes before class earns an F.
  5. If I hand out materials that I tell you you must return, return them. I had several pens walk off yesterday after I repeatedly asked for them back. Those are class property.
  6. If you speak over me repeatedly, I will mark you absent.
  7. I will no longer give a formal break as students insist of coming back 10-15 minute later than I asked. From now on, you may go to the restroom and get water as needed. Beyond that, you must get lunch before my class or eat afterwards.
  8. Class starts at 2pm. Tardiness starts at 2:15.  2 tardies is an absence. I will give you a WU after 2 absences, which means you are able to attend class but you have the equivalent of an F until you retake the class.
  9. I do not need or want excuses, I need notes from your doctor if you have been ill.

In return, I will be sending out emailed feedback as much as I possibly can every week. I also reiterate that I have office hours, please check the syllabus or the site.

I hate imposing these sorts of rules. I have the right to do so, but I usually garner enough respect from my students that these are not necessary. For whatever reason, that is not happening this semester. My affable nature is being mistaken for foolishness. As a whole, the class is not progressing as it needs to so I am imposing some order so that I may teach better. If you feel I am not being fair, I encourage you to speak with the chair of our program, Prof. Mary Ann Biehl.

Yours truly,
Prof. Clarke

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