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Class Two - Interactive / Web Design 1Interactive / Web Design 1

Class Two


Refining our ideas, finding small teams

Talk about our basic ideas, see who wants to do what. I want you to find 2 or 3 other people you want to work with as you will be forming small teams for critiques and support purposes.

What we do in this class: a review and an advance

In this class, you will be developing your idea to help change the world in the context of an interactive design. This interactive design will be a web site that is responsive, meaning it will be able to display well for different devices.

Your deliverables will be:

  • Research documentation for your project, using user experience design methods
  • Sketches of your site for full-sized computer: homepage and at least 2 major interior pages OR landing page to drive people to your app
  • Sketches of your site for smartphone: homepage and at least 1 major interior pages or 1 major interaction
  • A clickable prototype or animation of meaningful moment
  • A final presentation where you encapsulate your work in a professional way

You can use any worthy digital design program to create your screens as long as they are polished and usable. I will give you criteria.

You will have everything you need to take your idea to a team, or to maybe crowd source it for an initial build. You will know how to design for interaction design, and you will hopefully have a fire in your belly to continue on into coding.


Part 1: Write a 1 page (about 300 words) description of your project idea, refined after tonight’s discussion:

  • What is your cause?
  • Is it for a real organization? An imaginary one?
  • Who is the end user?
  • What will your site help to do?
  • How are you specifically suited to design this project?
  • How does this cause excite/affect you as a person?

We will discuss the ideas in depth in class next week. Be sure to DREAM! It does not have to be a realistic goal that you yourself could achieve. Dream of what you would do if you had unlimited money, time, and help!

Sample Cause Please do not copy this, make your cause your own while answering the questions. this is about a B in terms of what I am looking for.

Part 2: Begin your Design Research

Begin to look around at web sites and see what you like.

Here are some inspirational sites for you to go and peruse:

Start to save the links to websites that work well for you: ones that are beautiful, function well, do what you would like to do. This is also part of your research, so be ready to discuss them online next week. Here is a sample that is scant, but shows you a C level example of what I am looking for.

Part 3: Talk to your crit club outside of class

Seriously, good design does not happen in isolation, Before class next week, send your work to your team and get feedback. Make changes, refine, and be ye ready for next Monday!

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Libby Clarke is an artist, designer, and educator living in Maplewood, NJ. She received her BFA in Printmaking from James Madison University and her MFA in 2D Design from Cranbrook Academy of Art. Professionally, Libby has worked as an interaction art director for over 15 years for such companies as and She was an Assistant Professor at the New York College of Technology in Brooklyn, New York. She also served as the Director of the Studio School of the Visual Arts Center of New Jersey. As an artist, Libby has produced a series of multi-media conceptual products under the name Monstress Productions since 1996. She gives workshops and lectures across the United States on the intersection of art, activism, and technology, and her pieces are exhibited and collected internationally.

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