So it begins!

This is the online presence for the show False Dichotomy. It is, at least right now, an invitational pop-up being held June 24-26th at the Gowanus Studio Space. The exhibition centers on fine art printmaking that intersects with, depends upon, and even conquers high technology. Invited artists use data, sensors, alternate processes, wearables, performance, and other technologies to produce multiples, performances, texts, and other sorts of editions.

I am Libby Clarke, an artist, designer, and educator based in Brooklyn, New York. I am curating this show in an attempt to create a space for discussing the issues which arise as printmaking encounters technology. I am moving my own practice into the realm of physical computing and I want to find people to talk to, to support, and to look up to as I work.

My hope is to have the show mutate and appear in other venues and build into a book and other forms of lasting documentation.

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