Noah Breuer

In his multimedia works, Noah Breuer interrogates the structures of print processes and reflects upon their roles in popular culture. Recently, he has taken commercially printed ephemera from the 1980s and 1990s as his source material and has focused on the halftone dot, creating prints, collages, and books with a fusion of traditional techniques and new materials and technologies.

Breuer’s 40-page risograph-printed artist’s book, titled Team Set (2015), presents a dream-team lineup of 36 baseball players. Each page appropriates imagery from Topps brand trading cards from 1989 and 1990, which were originally printed with offset-lithography. The compositions are magnified reproductions of collages Breuer created by laser-cutting original baseball cards according to an enlarged halftone dot pattern, which is derived from the cards themselves. In the pages in the book, and in their card-collage predecessors, Breuer brings the elemental form of the halftone dot to the foreground and transforms this often overlooked building-block into a central visual trope.

In his dot-panel series, Breuer again sampled the halftone process. Enlarging single dots to 18×24-inch irregular-shaped panels. These “dot panels” were produced using a computer numerical controlled router and then screen printing. When four or more of these works are installed on a wall together, their spatial relationship mimics the halftone dots they reference.

About the Artist


Noah Breuer is an American artist and printmaker. He holds a BFA in Printmaking from the Rhode Island School of Design, and an MFA from Columbia University. He also earned a graduate research certificate in traditional woodblock printmaking and papermaking from Kyoto Seika University in Japan. Noah’s work has been included in numerous group exhibitions in galleries and museums locally and internationally. His work is in the collection at the Brooklyn Museum, the Watson Library at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Whitney Museum of American Art as well as numerous private collections. Currently, Noah works as a Full Time Lecturer at the University of California, Davis.

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