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Class 5: Pre-Lecture Materials

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History / Ideas / Methods / Resources

This week, I invite you to sample any or all of the information below. There is so much free, high-quality content out there! Dig in and make yourself the creator you want to be–I cannot make you into anything, it has to be utterly by your choice! There are so many I will have to add more in later weeks. Ways of Seeing This four-part series is from the 70’s and it is a little […]

Class Three

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Homework / Ideas

Agenda: Go over homework Warm ups How we see Types of line we are using right now: outline, contour Shapes: cubes, cylinders, pyramids (tetrahedrons), globes, cones, prisms How to measure without a ruler Still life: 3 drawings Go over homework for next week   Drawing 1: Draw the scene with no attempt at measuring No shading Drawing 2: Introduce pencil measurement Draw the scene again, this time with a unit  Drawing 3: Draw the scene […]

Class One: Introduction

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Ideas / Vocabulary

Why are we in this room? Why are you in this program? This is a communication design program, so why should you learn such an arcane set of skills such as hard drawing? The same reason you need to learn to write, to compose, to think: you must be able to describe the world around you and your ideas any way you can. It will make you a better designer, artist, and person. In order […]