Class 14: The End is Nigh (sort of…)

Team Evaluations

You will be filling out this Team Evaluation Form to reflect on your teammates’ performance (and your own). This is hugely important as this helps me determine your grade.

Final Files

Let’s look at the final pieces each team will be turning over to DURA. The signage team just got the content this weekend so we will be turning that in a bit later after all.

Class 12: Triumphant!

We truly kicked butt and then some yesterday: we delivered what the client needed and then proceeded to BLOW THEIR MINDS. Well done!

Wrap Up

We need to decide our next steps as I want to give our last round for the class on Monday. Once everyone gets here (grrr, be on time…) we will go over the highlights.


Seek to resolve the major issues the team brought up yesterday. We need to have a big pow wow tomorrow and give each other the last blast of in-depth feedback. On Monday we will send files to the team and wrap up as a class.

Things we will cover:
  • Team evaluations
  • Class and Instructor evaluations
  • Feedback on the curriculum: get involved! Tell me what you are getting and NOT getting from City Tech
  • How to do a strong case study for your own portfolio of the work we have done here

Class 11: Presentation Day!!

We are cooking with GAS, baby! We present today, then will wrap the class up by reworking and or finishing the ideas we have. We are finally getting content and such, so it may be a bit of a push.

Mad Men: The Carousel from ray3c on Vimeo.

Portfolio Advice

Here is a brilliant write up of the case study approach I advocate. Read it, live it, be it.


Those of you coming to the presentation, give your team the wrap up. We need to start addressing big changes tonight as we have to have most of our work fully resolved by next week. Remember, our class ends on the 23rd! Crazy, right?

Class 10: The Final Ascent

We need to check in and see what the DURA team has given us in terms of new information.


I am setting the presentation for Tuesday and I want to thank you all for being so patient: it is very hard to go so far into a design cycle without real feedback from the client. As the brochure/takeaway was going to be so over budget due to the very inaccurate initial numbers we were given, we had to postpone so that part did not sink the rest.


Be ready to present: get vendor names, possible price points together. Sell your solutions!

Class Nine: Rules and Regs Redux

Here are all the relevant details for our deliverables again:

10-2. Event Sponsor Recognition

  1. All communications materials produced by the teams concerning or referring to the project (including team websites) shall refer prominently to the project as the “U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon.”
  2. Teams are required to use the Solar Decathlon logo, the DOE wordmark, and the NREL logo on all communications materials visible at the Orange County Great Park. The DOE wordmark and NREL logo shall be a maximum of one-third the size of the Solar Decathlon logo as outlined in the Solar Decathlon identity guidelines 5
  3. The Solar Decathlon logo, the DOE wordmark, and NREL logo are the only required graphic elements teams must use.
  4. Team websites shall comply with Rule 10-2 with the exception of the one-third size rule for team sponsor text and logos.
  5. Team uniforms are exempt from Rule 10-2. See Rule 11-5 for specifics.

10-3. Team Sponsor Recognition

Team sponsors may be recognized with text, logos, or both, but the text and logos must appear in conjunction with the Solar Decathlon text and logo and be a maximum of one-third of the size of the Solar Decathlon text and logo, as outlined in the Solar Decathlon identity guidelines.

  1. Team websites shall comply with Rules 10-2 and 10-3, with the exception of the one-third size rule for team sponsor text and logos.
  2. Rule 10-3 applies but is not limited to all communications materials that will be on display or distributed on the competition site.
  3. Communications materials or other products that exist largely for the recognition of sponsors are limited to 10 square feet (0.93 square meters), in aggregate within the solar envelope. “Other products” include but are not limited to signs, exhibits, posters, plaques, photos, wall art, and furnishings.
  4. Solar Decathlon identity guidelines are available at: Department of Energy Solar Decathlon 2015 Draft Rules 17 June 19, 2014
  5. For multimedia or audio presentations shown on the competition site, no more than 20% of the total time, 1 minute, or whichever is less may be dedicated to recognition of team sponsors.
  6. Off-the-shelf components that feature a built-in manufacturer’s logo are acceptable and need not be accompanied by the Solar Decathlon text and logo.
  7. Team uniforms are exempt from Rule 10-3. See Rule 11-5 for specifics.

11-4. Public Exhibit

  1. Teams are required to provide an accessible route to all areas of the house and site that is available to the public during exhibit hours.
  2. Teams are permitted to produce and distribute only one informational brochure or handout on the competition site.
  3. Teams are encouraged to provide visitors a means to return the handout at the end of the tour for reuse.
  4. Teams shall develop signage that complements public exhibit tours by informing visitors about the team project and engaging visitors waiting in line.
  5. Teams are prohibited from selling items to the general public on the competition site.
  6. Only organizer-approved vendors may provide food and beverage to the general public on the competition site.

11-5. Team Uniforms

  1. During contest week and special events specified by the organizers, all team members present on the competition site or the site of a special event shall wear uniforms representing their team.
  2. Team uniforms are exempt from Rules 10-2 and 10-3.
  3. Team sponsor logos are approved to be visible only on the back of the team uniform (jacket, shirt, hat, or other wearable item).
  4. The only information or graphics that are approved to be visible from the front of the team uniform (jacket, shirt, hat, or other wearable item) shall be the institution and its logo, the team name and logo, the Solar Decathlon logo, and event sponsor logos.
  5. A built-in clothing manufacturer logo may be visible on the front or back of the team uniform, or both.


Class Eight

We are going to see the site today!!!


Get the materials ready for the Friday presentation. Look in the overall team folder for the slideshow we will fill in with our ideas.

$1 Tickets to Paul Rand Exhibit

The Museum of the City of New York’s current design exhibition, “Everything Is Design: The Work of Paul Rand,” has received such acclaim and high attendance that we have extended it until September 7. And we have decided to offer $1 tickets to all students.

Thousands of design students and faculty from New York (including your school) and around the world have already come to the exhibition, accounting for much of its success. Now there is a great opportunity for you to use the exhibition for summer programs, either as part of group tours or urging students to visit on their own. To make sure that as many students as possible can attend, we have reduced our student admission price to just $1 for the summer—they just need to show their student ID to be eligible for the discount.

Paul Rand was known as the “Picasso of graphic design.” He introduced European avant-garde art movements such as Cubism and Constructivism to graphic designers in the United States, and his branding efforts helped revolutionize modern advertising. He remains hugely influential today as the response to our exhibition shows.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. For more information on the exhibition, see