Year in Review: 2015

The year was good, overall. I was pretty overwhelmed by the call of service, so everything else paled a bit. My art making took an additional hit, but that was the last remnants of the Year from Hell – Jen and I had to make sure we were back in good financial shape.

in 2016, my art and research come first. I am turning down all freelance yet again and turning my attention to several projects that I have managed to keep going in dribs and drabs.

This chart covers everything that came within the year and does not capture long-standing duties and projects.

Art Design Teaching Research / Service
Jan Art show: Beyond Printmaking 4 Created tools for managing fellow instructors of 1167
Feb Game of Love used in Vietnam to teach school children Interactive / Web 1 Intensive Workshop Printmaking Club: Valentine’s Day Action, 2015
Mar Game of Love back in development with feedback from Vietnam Rolled out COMD intradepartmental communications Workshop at 9th International Conference on Design Principles and Practices
Apr Founded EAT Lab with Prof. Richard Li
May Created tools and site to teach COMD 4701 COMD 4701: Design Team Started GSS Internship
Jun Personal Residency: Built studio practice back up Continued work with Design Team Ramped GSS Internship up to full speed
Jul Personal Residency WSW Workshop (designed but did not run)

Parsons: Served on small committee to help develop AAS program philosophy and self-definition

Aug  Personal Residency Created site for 1167 instructors
Sep Designed the GenEdge Brand Campaign and materials Printmaking Club finally ratified as official!
Oct Selected by student curators for Parsons Pop Up Show Rolled out COMD orientation materials
Nov Collaborations with my child Began writing my Teaching Printmaking Guide
Dec Began programming for False Dichotomy, my show about printmaking and current technologies Typography through Printmaking
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Libby Clarke is an artist, designer, and educator living in Brooklyn, NY. She received her BFA in Printmaking from James Madison University and her MFA in 2D Design from Cranbrook Academy of Art. Professionally, Libby has worked as an interaction art director for over 12 years for such companies as Agency.com and Scholastic.com. Currently, she serves as an Assistant Professor at the New York College of Technology in Brooklyn, New York. As an artist, Libby has produced a series of multi-media conceptual products under the name Monstress Productions since 1996. She gives workshops and lectures across the United States on the intersection of art, activism, and technology, and her pieces are exhibited and collected internationally.