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Libby Clarke is currently at WSW for an eight -week combined Artist’s Book / Arts In Education residency, made possible thanks to in part from the National Endowment for the Arts. After interning at WSW in 1996, Libby attended graduate school at Cranbrook Academy of Art, earning an MFA in 2D Design. In January she completed a three-month design internship in Den Haage. Holland.

Libby initially produced work in the “‘zine'” format, an art form in which “accessibility” is central. She is currently concentrating on more general mail an and video performances  which she calls “conceptual art for less.” Astutely aware of the various techniques of manipulation used by mass media to encourage consumerism, Libby responds with products of her own design which nurture a humanist awareness, with recognizable forms and slogans that poke fun at the media manipulatives which are so blatantly obvious when seen in this new context.

While at WSW, Libby will complete an artist’s book which fuses mass media tactics with personal messages. During her four week art-in-education curriculum, children from the Kingston schools will work together on the production of a collective with each individual contribution covering a wide range of disciplines, a wide range of disciplines. While learning graphic design and printing techniques, students will consider the mass media imagery which confronts them daily and then examine the roots of their impact.