Workshop Ideas

I am trying to align making a paycheck beyond my teaching with advancing my research as an artist and designer. As such, I am looking to put together workshops that test ideas I am having while pushing me up to my top game. Read through the list and let me know if you are interested in any of these–I’ll prioritize the ones that y’all think are most interesting! And if you have further ideas, lay them on me, sweet people!

  • Introduction to Building Peep Boxes
    • I need to dive back into using lenses and such for a project, why not teach it?
  • Gum Transfer/Paper Litho for Beginners
    • I want to really cement my approach to this process as it is evocative, fast, and fun.
  • Dynamic Dioramas
    • I have a college-level class I’ve developed called Kinetic Storytelling that I want to workshop, bit by bit.
  • Photo Pop-Ups
    • This is to help me build steam for a project I have coming up
  • Shadow Puppets with Modern Tools 
    • Always wanted to teach this, trying to find a precise approach…
  • Paper Automatons
    • simple paper robots or figures that move in response to various actions by the user. I need to link this to physical computing once my skills are up to snuff.
  • Simple Machines for Artists
    • My students very rarely even know of these. As cultural producers, we must be educated in the physical realities of the world around us. Just as we should all know a little Greek and Latin to decipher the western languages and cultures, we should know the simple machines to know how to make.