More Work for the Art Center

I have been a bit busy the last few months! As I have been getting used to my role at the Visual Arts Center of New Jersey, I have been designing on several levels. As the Director of the Studio School, I create classes and events with my staff (Dalila DeCarvalho, I am looking at you!) . As the defacto art director, I design the materials to support them: pieces for print, web, for educational and promotional purposes.

Applying a forming style

I have had to design as quickly as possible, so I work within extremely narrow limits. It’s the only way I know to find great ideas, actually. I have limited the options for grids and fonts as much as I dare and let the color story develop as I go. It isn’t perfect, but it is actually starting to turn into a consolidated style my team can use.

I have been able to get the catalog set up and it has come together well.

I even get to go to Linco to print it!

Press check with a great printer! #lincoprinting

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Designing programs, then promoting them

I have been working on ways to find new students, refresh the curriculum, and engage my instructors. So far I have designed a few programs like Art School Confidential and Raku•Fest, but we are rolling out a few new items and tiers for the coming year. Being able to articulate these visually as well as in life is so exciting.

Developing a campaign as we go

Luckily, I have an amazing Director of Marketing at the Art Center, Cynthia McChesney. She has thought up some beautiful stuff and I keep getting to work on it. It’s been a blast, if a bit busy. I can’t overstate how good it is to work with someone who truly thinks in a very similar way–not that we always agree, but to have a creative who is just as fast as I am and usually right a full minute before I realize it is such a joy.

This is just from one campaign we have been working on.

Giving my team tools and templates

I am trying to help everyone on my team have what they need to improve the ephemera and deliverables for the Art Center.

All in all, I get to go to my job and do a bit of all I am good at doing, each day. Having been a designer has organized my brain in ways that help me all the time, and now I have these opportunities to weave art, education, activism, and design into a daily practice.