VACNJ: Promotional Videos

While I was the Director of the Studio School for the Visual Arts Center of New Jersey, I was charged with finding affordable and effective means of promoting our programming. I used my background in advertising, design, and general promotions to develop some videos for social media and beyond. I used whatever tools I could that were fast, but what I really enjoyed was having to finally really refine my voiceover work–I was the cheapest talent I had, so I taught myself some basics and promoted my faculty and offerings


I studied a few of my favorite interviewers in order to find an approach. My goal is always to highlight the practitioner within the context s/he has worked so hard to create.

General Promos

I used Adobe Spark for a lot of these as I had about 30 minutes to produce them overall. Luckily, I am fearless in front of a microphone or it would have taken way too long!

Early Attempts