The City Tech GenEdge

I have begun rolling out the identity for an internal General Education Committee promotion here at City Tech. I had to weave the idea of what we have tried to do into the existing brand identity of the school while imparting the vigor and importance of the 60 credits of Gen Ed our students take here in the 4 year program. I have developed what will be an extensible logo system.

Here is the base, a simple badge:

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 10.26.34 PM

I want it to be super simple, but slightly askew: general education classes make up 60 of the 120 credits our 4-year students take.

The City Tech GenEdge is the result of years of effort by the college-wide curriculum development and the General Education Committee. We have taken the General Education requirements, the students’ needs, and the expectations of society to put together a meaningful approach to skills and attitudes we all need. This is the added benefit of culture and community our students and graduates deserve, and which helps them thrive as they enter the world as engaged citizens. It is the added boost our college provides to excel and the tools to be productive throughout our careers.

This is the City Tech GenEdge.

Here is a super rough idea of how the logo will work. Please forgive the incredibly poor execution, I had 10 minutes:


In use on the promotional materials fro the City Tech GenEdge College Theme launch:


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