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Printmaking Club: Valentine’s Day, 2015

Every year, I head to City Tech on or as close to Valentine’s Day as I can with at least 50 pounds of potatoes and some tempera paint. I set up tables with supplies in the Atrium and invite any takers to make handmade cards for their honeys. This year, I’m bringing 100 pounds as we ran out way too soon last time. All photos: Mandy Mei

Ennui Free

The Ennui Free project consists of a printed sign and an accompanying website. The user hangs the sign up in a prominent place and begins to mark off the days spent ennui free. On days where he/she is struggling, the user goes to the website for suggestions on how to maintain the ennui-free state. The user is invited to contribute his/her own suggestions, which are then added to the database. Medium: Screenprint, website Completed: February 14, 2013

Terribly Helpful Sign

The Terribly Helpful Sign is a simple device to help the user develop awareness of and display a statement about his/her emotional state. Dimensions: 5.5″x7.5″ Framed: 12″ x 16″ Medium: Screenprint Completed: November 2012

The Perspectiflex™

The Perspectiflex™ is a hand-held device that helps the user develop some flexibility of thought. When the user becomes aggravated with someone, he uses the device to get a possible reason for the annoying person’s behavior, helping the user to open his mind and lessen feelings of displeasure.

Ardor Arbiter Starter Kit

The Ardor Arbiter is a simple device wherein the user gives out citations of sincerity to others, using the enclosed stickers and magic marker. This helps the user develop his/her ability to detect sincerity and thus become better at eventually judging his/her own. Dimensions: 6.5″ x 3.5″ Framed: 18″ x 12″ Medium: mixed media Completed: February 2008 The original inspiration for this piece was the phrase: “hole where your heart should be.” I was trying to find a way to express that visually–here is a shot from that ideation.

Emotional Openness Signal Kit

The Emotional Openness Signal Kit is designed so that the user may easily improvise his/her own means of communicating the onset of a moment of unguardedness. The signs, once separated, can be used by day (4 color version) or by night (phosphorescent version). Pins are provided to pin the signals to clothing if need be. Dimensions: 8.5″ x 10.25″ Medium: screenprint, xerography Completed: February 2004 Price: NFS

Love-Facilitated Vision Enabler

The Vision Enabler is a device to give the user a chance to look at his/her life with a loving perspective. The user is encouraged to look at an online animation that is only visible when looked at through the lens of the Vision Enabler.The message enclosed therein is inspirational in nature.     Dimensions: 4.25″ x 6.25″ Medium: screenprint, die-cut, online animated gif Completed: January 2002 Price: NFS  

Signifier of Love

This is one of the first Monstress Productions products. I was trying to learn Illustrator, so I tried my hand at it for this piece. I then distributed it to as many people as possible for Valentine’s Day. I had just shifted into the 2D Design department, so I was pushing myself to really get some typography work under my belt.

Valentine ’96

After I graduated from JMU, I moved home, only to have all my worldly possessions washed away by a flood. I decided I needed to go to grad school and started printing a whole new body of work. During that time, I decided to print a valentine for all of my friends, who had rallied to my side during this trying time. Linocut, hand-painted with watercolor Edition of 150