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Monstress Studio Clear-Out Sale

I am starting a new career, moving my family to a new town, and rebuilding my studio this year as I embark on a new suite of work. Buy some art, support Monstress!

Monstress Mid-Living: Prototype

I have a few ideas bouncing around in the conceptual space I have titled Monstress Mid-Living. I am not giving much in terms of details at this point, but here are some shots of an initial prototype for a pop-up book that will also inform an immersive interactive piece. It’s very rough (10 minutes of cutting), but I am working out how to reproduce a non-obnoxious shrug.

Monstress Mid-Living: Progress Report 01

I was overwhelmed by the response to my survey! 56 respondents right off the bat–and still counting! I’ve been using the data to help me start delving into some themes for the project and already I am blown away by the flood of ideas I am having. After 15 years of working as a professional designer, I have become convinced that gleaning data from people is an essential part of my workflow, no matter where on the fine art / commercial design continuum I am working from. Data is just gold, man. As simple as my survey was, it means I am at least attempting to create from a place of circumspection, not navel gazing. There is a practice in interaction design called Persona Creation: you basically use research to help you come up with a realistic ideal user, a fictional character who becomes a testing tool for your team. I have never been lucky enough to see it done well. Too often, I watched as teams basically created a virtual yes-man, always happy with their choices. …

Research has begun!

I have begun doing some research for a new suite of pieces. I am using a formal commercial design cycle to make this work as it is all within the Monstress Productions vein of my work. The first stage is research, wherein I am doing a lot of reading and gathering of data. If you have a moment or two, please fill out the questionnaire below: Loading…

Year in Review: 2015

The year was good, overall. I was pretty overwhelmed by the call of service, so everything else paled a bit. My art making took an additional hit, but that was the last remnants of the Year from Hell – Jen and I had to make sure we were back in good financial shape. in 2016, my art and research come first. I am turning down all freelance yet again and turning my attention to several projects that I have managed to keep going in dribs and drabs. This chart covers everything that came within the year and does not capture long-standing duties and projects. Art Design Teaching Research / Service Jan Art show: Beyond Printmaking 4 Created tools for managing fellow instructors of 1167 COMD 1167: Type & Media Parsons Interactive / Web 1 Continued work on Gen Ed Committee College Theme Became a Peer Reviewer for Design Incubation Feb Game of Love used in Vietnam to teach school children Interactive / Web 1 Intensive Workshop Printmaking Club: Valentine’s Day Action, 2015 Mar Game of Love back in development with …

Parsons Pop Up Print Show

I have 4 pieces in the Parsons Pop Up / Print Shop & Show! Friday November 6, 2015, 6:00-8:00 pm Parsons School of Design Sheila C. Johnson Design Center Lobby, Bark Room and Book Arts Center 5th Avenue at 13th Street, New York, NY 10011 Free and open to the public! Coinciding with 2015 Print Week, the Parsons Pop Up Print Shop showcases the printed form, from fine art prints, illustrations and graphic designs to zines and book arts. Join us for a one night exhibition, demonstrations, and hands-on printmaking workshops. The Parsons Pop Up Print Workshop and Exhibition is curated by Parsons students from a call for entries solicited from students, staff and faculty of Parsons School of Design. Pieces to be shown: Perspectiflex, Ennui Free, Ardor Arbiter, Terribly Helpful Sign

Monstress: Objectives & Current State

I have helped others get their cultural producing practices back in shape, now I am trying to apply all I have learned over the years to my own. I had to take a long hard look at Monstress Productions, which represents my longest running art project. This meant looking at as well, which was actually my very first website and online portfolio. What I do with others is sit down for some conversations about history, mindset, and workable goals. I try to get people to see what would really fit their lives, which does involve some delving questions. My goal is to get people to see the value and patterns in what they have already so they don’t feel helpless–amazing how I did not do this for my own art practice until now! Current state of my art practice (and online presence) I have been very busy the last several years and for a variety of reasons, my art practice has gotten shoved into the background again and again. Motherhood, switching careers, recessions? I’ve weathered them all, but …

Revamping Monstress:
Heal Thyself!

I am leading a workshop in July at the Women’s Studio Workshop: Artists Online: Marketing, Promotion, and Documentation It runs July 13-17 at WSW in Rosendale, New York. Tuition $750 ($675 members), with a class limit of 8 During this 5-day workshop, I will be walking artists through all the steps they need to take in order to build a constructive online strategy for their practices. I will spend April and May documenting the process of revamping Monstress so that I may have a sturdy case study. The topics of the workshop will include: What should your online strategy be? How do you best present your work? Taking/processing photos of physical work Presenting virtual work What social media tools and techniques are most effective Finding design help or doing it on your own Possible free platforms Possible paid platforms Putting it all together: your portfolio is born! Promoting your work in a manageable way Handling emails, tweets, texts, and such Looking for opportunities Exploring options for selling your work online This is all wonderful and I …

Monstress Productions

Monstress Productions the name under which I create my conceptual art and design work. Established in 1996 as a zine label, it has grown to encompass several pursuits: printmaking, interaction design, and education among them. I create work that bridges the haptic and the virtual in order to change the world, one person at a time. I do this with my series of conceptual paper/interaction products, which I have been making for about 15 years now. These pieces have slowly grown to encompass interactivity in the form of websites and phone apps as I have sought to combine all of my skills. I work to connect traditional fine art printmaking with newer technologies, always drawing a correlation between the physical and the conceptual. In order to make this work, I studied propaganda, advertising methods, packaging traditions, and western product design. It seemed logical to learn the most pervasive means of spreading ideas in our culture in order to disperse a few of my own. I moved on to Utopian theories, confidence games, placebo studies, and good old …

Ennui Free

The Ennui Free project consists of a printed sign and an accompanying website. The user hangs the sign up in a prominent place and begins to mark off the days spent ennui free. On days where he/she is struggling, the user goes to the website for suggestions on how to maintain the ennui-free state. The user is invited to contribute his/her own suggestions, which are then added to the database. Medium: Screenprint, website Completed: February 14, 2013