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COMD 1103: F15

After asking for four years, I was given the chance to teach Foundation Drawing at City Tech! This is a class originally structured as an introduction to perspective and technical drawing, very rigid in its structure. I have found over the years that my students […]

Criteria for Internships/First Jobs

You may be new to the industry and inexperienced, but you need not suffer through useless or exploitative internships or first jobs. Yes, we do have bills to pay. Yes, we do need to pay our dues and earn our stripes–but there is no excuse […]

Presenting Your Work:
Ever Ready Info Kit

This is a massive subject, so read through everything and pick one facet to start on. DO NOT PANIC. Files to Always Have Ready: Varsity Level This is what I always have on cloud storage in case I find an opportunity. You can build up […]

Asking (with Class) for Recommendation Letters

This summer, I was asked by several students for recommendation letters for jobs and other such opportunities. Each request resulted in a slightly different journey and I learned a lot from them all. I realized I need to come up with a policy for writing […]