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More Work for the Art Center

I have been a bit busy the last few months! As I have been getting used to my role at the Visual Arts Center of New Jersey, I have been designing on several levels. As the Director of the Studio School, I create classes and events with my staff (Dalila DeCarvalho, I am looking at you!) . As the defacto art director, I design the materials to support them: pieces for print, web, for educational and promotional purposes. Applying a forming style I have had to design as quickly as possible, so I work within extremely narrow limits. It’s the only way I know to find great ideas, actually. I have limited the options for grids and fonts as much as I dare and let the color story develop as I go. It isn’t perfect, but it is actually starting to turn into a consolidated style my team can use. I have been able to get the catalog set up and it has come together well. I even get to go to Linco to print it! Press check …

Making a Type Manual with Students

In my COMD1167 class this semester (Type & Media, City Tech), my class and I are trying to create our own definitive Type Manual. We are hand printing some elements, writing our own content, and designing everything together. I wanted to start writing about the process as I am thrilled/scared and completely proud of my students. They are engaged, willing, and working hard. My methods: Each session, we cover a major topic and work separately on our own attempts on the page. We submit our work for online critique (I am just implementing this, so I am nervous but very hopeful). In the next class, we collect the most successful solutions and apply them to the collective edition. Each person is required to talk to another classmate for 10 minutes every class period, eventually speaking with each person at least once. I want my students to own typography from the bottom up. I have to get out of the way as much as I can while still instilling some rigor and criticality. I hope to introduce project-based …

City Tech:
Type & Media Fall 14

Type & Media is a class I helped rewrite with Profs Maria Giuliani and Genevieve Hitchings. We took the old classes Typography 1 and Publication Media and massaged them into a lovely mélange of type, tech, and hand skills. I contributed my thinking on carving and drawing type for the beginning along with the use of zines (or chapbooks) as a format for later work. This is the second semester it has run, and I am still tweaking my approach to the material. For the chapbook, I had the students think about their Five Year Plan–this way they could do some constructive thinking about their own careers while fulfilling the assignment. We also turned the chapbooks into animations or interactive PDFs to help the students get into the idea of interaction design.