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Monstress: Objectives & Current State

I have helped others get their cultural producing practices back in shape, now I am trying to apply all I have learned over the years to my own. I had to take a long hard look at Monstress Productions, which represents my longest running art project. This meant looking at as well, which was actually my very first website and online portfolio. What I do with others is sit down for some conversations about history, mindset, and workable goals. I try to get people to see what would really fit their lives, which does involve some delving questions. My goal is to get people to see the value and patterns in what they have already so they don’t feel helpless–amazing how I did not do this for my own art practice until now! Current state of my art practice (and online presence) I have been very busy the last several years and for a variety of reasons, my art practice has gotten shoved into the background again and again. Motherhood, switching careers, recessions? I’ve weathered them all, but …

Revamping Monstress:
Heal Thyself!

I am leading a workshop in July at the Women’s Studio Workshop: Artists Online: Marketing, Promotion, and Documentation It runs July 13-17 at WSW in Rosendale, New York. Tuition $750 ($675 members), with a class limit of 8 During this 5-day workshop, I will be walking artists through all the steps they need to take in order to build a constructive online strategy for their practices. I will spend April and May documenting the process of revamping Monstress so that I may have a sturdy case study. The topics of the workshop will include: What should your online strategy be? How do you best present your work? Taking/processing photos of physical work Presenting virtual work What social media tools and techniques are most effective Finding design help or doing it on your own Possible free platforms Possible paid platforms Putting it all together: your portfolio is born! Promoting your work in a manageable way Handling emails, tweets, texts, and such Looking for opportunities Exploring options for selling your work online This is all wonderful and I …

City Tech COMD: Screensavers Redux

I designed the upcoming screensavers for the COMD students at City Tech. Prof. Anita Giraldo took the photos and led the writing efforts. COMD students were the models for the shots and went over the designs and gave some ideas, as is only proper. I tried to give the slides some of the humor the students each display as once again, our students deserve the best.

Cynthia King: 2011-2015 Work

I had the distinct pleasure to work with Cynthia King and design for her dance studio for years. By far, she was the best client I have had. She is driven by a strong, compassionate ethos, she believed in my abilities, she treated me as a partner in our work, and she is just really nice to boot.

City Tech:
Info Design F14

I taught Information Design for the WWW this semester. I designed the class so students got to go through two design cycles: the first was an accelerated one as the students worked in groups so we could go through the motions in a low-risk way. Students moved on to their own ideas, going through every phase, developing artifacts such as personas, sitemaps, wireframes, interviews, all while developing a look and feel. I had the students also work on how they would present their ideas at the end of the semester. Amazingly, some students went so far as to develop Kickstarter-esque videos. I tried to help the students get used to the idea that they could come up with, develop, and promote an idea of their own. They delivered. Syllabus

Web 1 Fall 14

This fall, I taught Interactive / Web Design 1 at Parsons. I reworked my approach so we could really concentrate on the thinking behind developing a cohesive website strategy. The students each developed a project to help others, then we walked through the stages of interaction design with an emphasis on research and strategic thinking. Students were expected to produce a card sort, rough sketches, sitemaps, wireframes, and sketches for a responsive website (only 2 break points). We went over additional artifacts such as style sheets and some introduction to code. I have found that having student concentrate on altruistic projects actually helps them produce better design. They are ofter too early in their career to have the confidence and circumspection to make projects about themselves, including portfolios. Syllabus Overall, I was blown away by the level of compassion and thoughtfulness my students were able to summon in 15 weeks.

Parsons: Web 1, S14

I was invited back to Parsons for a second semester of Interactive / Web Design 1, and once again the students were brilliant. I did have a few more critical student comments from this group than ever: a few students found I was too easy and joked around too much. I think overall they may have been right–the group was exceptional, and I should have ratcheted up the instruction far more, pushed them harder. I had gotten very used to focusing on the lower third of my classes at other schools in an attempt to keep students engaged, but when you have a group that is not about to leave, you have to adapt completely. Lesson learned. The class developed services they would like to create to change the world in some small way, did research, performed a competitive analysis, then went on into a full design cycle with information architecture, style guides, and eventually designs for a responsive site. We did three breakpoints: full screen, tablet, and phone. I encouraged students to use animated gifs to work …

Retention Posters

I developed several posters to inspire the ADGA students and to persuade them to come to the now-annual Info Session. Please note: all images in these posters were grabbed off the internet as I had about a day to make the posters. My deepest apologies to all the content providers I ripped off. I actually did the first campaign for this the previous year as well. Prof. Anita Giraldo was the copywriter on both years.

Living Lab Logo

I was asked to develop a logo that would represent “A Living Laboratory,” which is City Tech’s biggest grant. My solution represents the way the program has allowed so many of the college’s faculty to meet and talk. These conversations have enabled many of us to develop new interdisciplinary classes, lessons, and ideas. What is “A Living Laboratory”? The College’s biggest grant: a five-year $3.1M initiative (2010-2015) funded by the U.S. Department of Education Strengthening Hispanic-Serving Institutions (Title V) program. Our mission: to re-envision General Education as a “living laboratory” using City Tech’s signature strengths – hands-on experiential models of learning and our vibrant Brooklyn Waterfront location.

NYU SCPS UX Design Intensive

I taught the Visual Design section, was brought back by the students at the end by a vote to help wrap up the final presentations. Class Description This 105-hour certificate teaches user experience methods and best design strategies through a structured process of inquiry, research, development, and ongoing review of site environments, app tools, and other types of virtual experiences and products. UX designers occupy the critical nexus between user needs, business goals, and brand identity.