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False Dichotomy: Official Launch

False Dichotomy is beginning to truly take form! I have artists agreeing to show, essays coming in from respected members of the fine art printmaking community, and a site in place! There is a lot to do: I have to find funding to print a decent catalog–but I feel so renewed. I have not been able to make a lot of work myself this year, but I can contribute through facilitation and research!    

Year in Review: 2015

The year was good, overall. I was pretty overwhelmed by the call of service, so everything else paled a bit. My art making took an additional hit, but that was the last remnants of the Year from Hell – Jen and I had to make sure we were back in good financial shape. in 2016, my art and research come first. I am turning down all freelance yet again and turning my attention to several projects that I have managed to keep going in dribs and drabs. This chart covers everything that came within the year and does not capture long-standing duties and projects. Art Design Teaching Research / Service Jan Art show: Beyond Printmaking 4 Created tools for managing fellow instructors of 1167 COMD 1167: Type & Media Parsons Interactive / Web 1 Continued work on Gen Ed Committee College Theme Became a Peer Reviewer for Design Incubation Feb Game of Love used in Vietnam to teach school children Interactive / Web 1 Intensive Workshop Printmaking Club: Valentine’s Day Action, 2015 Mar Game of Love back in development with …

Parsons: Interactive / Web Design 1 S15

I have worked and reworked the Interactive / Web 1 class a few times over the last couple of years. It is now the core of my approach to teaching interaction design thinking: I use the foundation of empathic research and altruistic design to push my students to create work that can get them noticed in the job market. I have the students go through the entire design cycle at a rapid pace so that we have time to also develop our pitches for the last day: I strive to have my students learn not only to think of lovely and useful ideas, but also have the tools to get those ideas made. In order to help my students really explore motion, I introduce animated gifs as a fast and fun means to get the pump primed. Sometimes, students go CRAZY with them. And sometimes they go crazy twice.

Cynthia King: 2011-2015 Work

I had the distinct pleasure to work with Cynthia King and design for her dance studio for years. By far, she was the best client I have had. She is driven by a strong, compassionate ethos, she believed in my abilities, she treated me as a partner in our work, and she is just really nice to boot.

Culture Doulas

My idea was chosen to be in the Cultural ReProducers: Propositions, Manifestos & Experiments zine.

Why do I design?

I create because I believe people are essentially good. Before you click away, just wait. I’m not saying every person in the world behaves in ways that are always good. That is not possible, and I know that. I am saying that each and every one of us has the potential to be and do good. That’s the whole reason I get out of bed in the morning, make stuff, and generally live. It’s important to check in with your core motivations once in a while–that way you can tell if you are still on course, as it were. My logic goes like this: People have the potential to be and do good. In fact, unless we are stunted in some way, we just naturally tend to do and be good. Any person can do good by reaching out and helping others learn to tap that potential. The entire world gets incrementally better the more #2 happens. There will come a day when everybody born will have a reasonable chance to be and do good. This is …

Citizen Designer

In 2010, I took Lara McCormick‘s Citizen Designer course at SVA. We pitched and won a Sappi grant for our work with BigNYC. This class was a huge impetus in my journey into teaching. At a time when I was struggling with my identity as a creative person, Lara showed me how to bring my ethics back into the mix with full force. I was then able to reconnect with my overarching mission, move from full-time ad agency work, and launch my teaching career. Here are the signs I designed for the campaign: We were even written up in Graphic Design USA’s Sustainable Design Issue! I also developed my own project, an app called Only Chumps Dump, for reporting people who dump illegally.

Protest Posters: Pyramid Atlantic

In an effort to revive the connection between artists and political involvement, I designed a workshop wherein I taught the fundamentals of screenprint while helping them develop their own art/activist piece. The one-day workshop explored the revolutionary side of screenprint: from the WPA government propaganda posters of the ‘30s to the French student posters of May ’68, all the way to today’s sticker artists and conceptual adbusters. Participants made a collaborative print, and came away from the class with handouts and knowledge to continue printing on their own. Protest, Propaganda, and Public Art: Silkscreen as a Truly Social Medium  |  Pyramid Atlantic Arts Center, Silver Springs, MD

Resisting the Remarque

Resisting the Remarque Southern Graphics Council Conference, Philidelphia, Pennsylvania I was treated to the company of Libby Clarke, Jesse Goldstein, and Favianna Rodriguez in a panel I moderated entitled Resisting the Remarque. These three individuals brought their distinct approaches to engaging with the activist print and its history to this discussion of how political print work fits into both the realm of contemporary printmaking and the sociopolitical landscape.

Forget Death

  Woodcut, suicide print 4′ x 8′ At Cranbrook, some fellow students set up this huge symposium called “Forget Death,” which was trying to explore all sorts of very important theories. I got my nose bent out of shape as I was having a hard time with some of the high falutin’ talk going on around me. I wanted action, art that was truly changing something, theories geared towards concrete societal change. I feverishly produced my largest print in a matter of days, trying to encapsulate my frustration and anger in one fell swoop. This was a big step forward for me in that I finally said something I actually felt, but it’s still not a favorite print of mine. I was ashamed afterwards that all I could do was pronounce judgement. I offered no solutions, I just spewed contempt. An important lesson.