Revamping Monstress: <br />Heal Thyself!

I am leading a workshop in July at the Women’s Studio Workshop:

Artists Online:
Marketing, Promotion, and Documentation

It runs July 13-17 at WSW in Rosendale, New York.
Tuition $750 ($675 members), with a class limit of 8

During this 5-day workshop, I will be walking artists through all the steps they need to take in order to build a constructive online strategy for their practices. I will spend April and May documenting the process of revamping Monstress so that I may have a sturdy case study.

The topics of the workshop will include:

  • What should your online strategy be?
  • How do you best present your work?
    • Taking/processing photos of physical work
    • Presenting virtual work
  • What social media tools and techniques are most effective
  • Finding design help or doing it on your own
    • Possible free platforms
    • Possible paid platforms
    • Putting it all together: your portfolio is born!
  • Promoting your work in a manageable way
    • Handling emails, tweets, texts, and such
    • Looking for opportunities
    • Exploring options for selling your work online

This is all wonderful and I can’t wait to teach, but how do I do these things myself? I shall show you. Monstress has fallen into disrepair as I have concentrated on my teaching and freelance. My art practice has faded from view and my content has become stale. This is a wonderful opportunity to teach as I fix my own existing issues! I will post several articles over the ensuing months, stepping out the work on Monstress as I fully refine the content for the workshop itself.

I can’t give it all away for free, but if you follow this series, I will tell you all I can as I test my methods, find new ways, and make progress. You will absolutely learn how to improve your online presence. I am drawing upon all I know as an artist, interaction designer, educator, and consumer on online content. I have been doing this all together for nearly 20 years.

If you would care to come to WSW for July 13-17 to take this, please by making a non-refundable $300 deposit here! I would love to help you construct the strategy you need to make the career you desire.