Parsons: Web 1, S14

I was invited back to Parsons for a second semester of Interactive / Web Design 1, and once again the students were brilliant. I did have a few more critical student comments from this group than ever: a few students found I was too easy and joked around too much. I think overall they may have been right–the group was exceptional, and I should have ratcheted up the instruction far more, pushed them harder. I had gotten very used to focusing on the lower third of my classes at other schools in an attempt to keep students engaged, but when you have a group that is not about to leave, you have to adapt completely. Lesson learned.

The class developed services they would like to create to change the world in some small way, did research, performed a competitive analysis, then went on into a full design cycle with information architecture, style guides, and eventually designs for a responsive site. We did three breakpoints: full screen, tablet, and phone. I encouraged students to use animated gifs to work out transitions of note.