Culture Doulas

My idea was chosen to be in the Cultural ReProducers: Propositions, Manifestos & Experiments zine.

“The Culture Doula Collective A Movement to Change The Nation

I am an artist who is 15ish years from my MFA; I have a couple long-term day jobs and a child. My creative practice is stretched so thin as to be a bare gilding on my everyday life–it is constantly put at the bottom of my list of daily priorities if it enters the fray at all. I now belong to an artist’s collective and have noticed many others in my position so I wondered: what if we got together and created a collective specifically structured for parents with culturally productive tendencies? I have a friend who is a self-styled Art Doula*, and my conversations with her developed into the obvious variation of the CULTURE DOULA. Let’s put together a creative collective movement wherein we help each other get back into the swing of making while being parents!”

art_cdoulas_02Culture Doulas