COMD 4701: Design Team

Class Website

I was asked to teach a senior level class at City Tech in June, called Design Team. This class is a chance for our students to work as a larger whole for one client. As I told the class:

You are going to be a part of a crack team of designers, solving problems and finding ways to innovate while  working your butts off. You will be graded on your ability to work as a teammate and as an individual thinker.

Our Client: DURA

DURA Home  |  Facebook Page  |  Official Listing on Solar Decathlon Site

This term, we had the honor of working on the design materials for the City Tech Solar Decathlon Project, known as DURA. I was so grateful to be able to work with the main designer for all of the materials to that point, Jennifer Jimenez, who graciously served as my art director and copilot for the entire class.

The Work

DURA had some key challenges with which we worked: they needed a revamped social media strategy, print materials or all stripes, and an overall narrative within which all of the components could work. I split my class into three teams: Uniforms, Signage, and Social Media. The team members chose their own leaders and were given guidelines on how to be good collaborators, all while I guided them through light interaction each class. I tried to stay out of the way unless there was a big issue–these students are all spectacular, so they needed to be respected as fellow designers, not treated as amateurs.