Collaboration with my Child-Person

My daughter loves to paint and so we have been exploring watercolor for a few weeks. A few days in, I started seeing things in her work and decided to draw out a few.


  • I must preserve M’s chosen orientation of the paper
  • I get one shot, so I don’t use up all of her paintings and send her the message that her work is no good
  • I get 3 minutes, although I think I can keep it at 2  30 seconds, maybe 1 minute
  • My work cannot overshadow hers: it must be equal in terms of effort and coverage (I did that a couple times and it made me sad)
  • For her third birthday, I will give her the option of drawing on my paintings so we both have the same opportunities
  • We plan some of the images, depending on M’s interest. If she does not have a preference, I get to do whatever I want.

I have upgraded us to watercolor paper and better paints and have started scanning these for a later collection of some sort, maybe a book for M when she is much older.

EDIT 121115: Madelene has started to give me specific paintings, with directives!

I am also starting to give Madelene some of my paintings to draw on, will post them here.

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