City Tech COMD 1167: S15

I reworked my approach to Type & Media, the foundation class for Typography and page composition in the Spring of 2015. I decided to let the students generate their content for the initial shared project, the Type Manual. This has proven to be far messier and risky process and honestly, I despair each semester that it won’t come together.

The manuals are always so chaotic, but then when the students switch to their own projects, I find them far more self-starting and focused than previous classes wherein I was far more heavy-handed in my instruction. The design is not always as high as the other classes where the students are told how to design, but my students stay engaged until the very last and make deep discoveries in terms on meaning and context for themselves.

Manifesto Project

The following pieces are in Flash, so they only play on some devices. They are a study of animation and typography.

This student dove into the material and tried to have Rams’ philosophy influence his every choice.

This student found her footing when she started using the animation capabilities of InDesign to help tell the story.

This was made by a student whose studious approach blossomed into loveliness.
This piece was made by a student who produced all of the photography as well as the text–a student who was certain she had no real talent for design. Spectacular.