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Monstress: Objectives & Current State

I have helped others get their cultural producing practices back in shape, now I am trying to apply all I have learned over the years to my own. I had to take a long hard look at Monstress Productions, which represents my longest running art project. […]

Service Philosophy

Service (work you do for the good of your community, organization, or polity that is unpaid and often uncredited) is where I put the entirety of my work and life experience into practice. It is where I have to bring all I have learned to bear […]

Research Statement

I push every facet of my practice towards helping myself and  others to become self-actualized and cogent cultural producers. I create, design, and teach in order to make the world a better place. My focus is the cultivation of emotional and intellectual metacognition. If I […]

Design Philosophy

To design is to care, to educate, and to facilitate. I design to make myself a better person within a better world. I design to be of service to all around me as the design process teaches me circumspection and empathy every new day. The […]

Artist’s Statement & Portfolio

I create work that bridges the haptic and the virtual in order to change the world, one person at a time. In order to clarify this statement, I’d like to give you some context: I became a printmaker in college and it electrified me with […]

Criteria for Internships/First Jobs

You may be new to the industry and inexperienced, but you need not suffer through useless or exploitative internships or first jobs. Yes, we do have bills to pay. Yes, we do need to pay our dues and earn our stripes–but there is no excuse […]

Presenting Your Work:
Ever Ready Info Kit

This is a massive subject, so read through everything and pick one facet to start on. DO NOT PANIC. Files to Always Have Ready: Varsity Level This is what I always have on cloud storage in case I find an opportunity. You can build up […]

Asking (with Class) for Recommendation Letters

This summer, I was asked by several students for recommendation letters for jobs and other such opportunities. Each request resulted in a slightly different journey and I learned a lot from them all. I realized I need to come up with a policy for writing […]

Art in Odd Places: GSS Interview

I had the honor of being interviewed by our lovely peers at Art in Odd Places about the origins and intent of the Gowanus Studio Space. It feels odd to quote myself, but this part I thought was really true: Honestly, my joining GSS has been […]