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Portfolio: Artwork

First, here are 20 key pieces to understanding my body of work: If you care to dive deeper, I have a full collection of work below. Monstress Products Printmaking Drawing/Illustration Photography: Polaroid Work Performance and Installations

Portfolio: Design

I have always had to hustle in order to keep my artwork going. Luckily, I learned to be a designer. It has been an enormous help. Here are 20 pieces which cover my work in this arena. Interaction Design I have worked as an interaction designer in some capacity for 15+ years. I’ve been spending more time teaching it than designing, but trying to get some more projects going this year. Print Ah, my first love! Logos and Identity Outreach We must always give back in some capacity.

Portfolio: Teaching

I have taught most of my adult life in some capacity. I finally became a full-on instructor at the college level in 2008. Best decision I ever made. Here are 20 pieces that try to encapsulate the results I get in class. Below you will find a more exhaustive collection. Interaction Design Print Typography & Lettering Foundation Drawing   Printmaking/Book Arts Portfolio Prep

Portfolio: Service

Service is the engine for all of my major ventures. How do I find the subject matter for my art work? Working with people, seeing what is actually up in the world. How to I know what and how to teach? Putting out feelers at every available level. As for research, my service work provides so many opportunities to test my theories and seek feedback. I  try to serve my college, department, and larger community as a part of my everyday practice. Service at City Tech Service to my Community

Portfolio: Research

My research is all about finding ways for myself and others to create strong, socially constructive work using whatever tools at hand. As my students are mostly young digital natives, there are specific issues I must untangle and conquer in the classroom. In order to get them to loosen up as much as I need to, I use altruism and compassionate research as a means to carry them farther into the new than they ever thought they could go. The samples below show some of the work and presentations I have done in order to test, discuss, and promote my work among my peers. Altruistism as Your Medium: Printmaking I have a workshop wherein I teach students to come together, come up with a cause for which they can show support, then design and print a simple protest/support poster using screen printing. The premise developed to being more about creating a poster that would help encourage the change you hope to make in the world. I have found that when I ask my students to think of …