BroadCast 2016

I was included in Broadcast 2016, an exhibit curated by the inimitable Kim Abeles! I was able to send the Monstress Activities Box Set.

“BroadCast is a collection of unique and peculiar works of art created for the public, strangers, and the unsuspecting. The word “broadcast” was originally used to describe the method of scattering seeds into a field or garden, and here, the artists scatter their art objects, entering the public realm with a spirit of generosity, risk, or anonymity.

The artworks exhibited include a range of formats that are distributed in a variety of manners–some pieces surreptitiously placed in the environment, others actively seeking an audience, whether ethereal, physical, electronic, or performed.

BroadCast 2016, organized by Kim Abeles and Ken Marchionno for Keystone Gallery in Los Angeles, includes a large collection of artworks from a series of exhibitions curated by Abeles in the 1990s. This iteration of BroadCast includes over fifty artists, and takes into account advances in technology, including virtual solutions and social media, as well as recent tangible expressions.”