Monthly archives of “August 2015

Leading, Libby-Style

I have decided that the way to change the world around me is to change myself. This is not my original idea but it has finally sunk through my thick skull. I am leading a few instructors at my school and I am treating it […]

Fall 2015 City Tech COMD Orientation

I am producing materials and running the orientation of the new COMD (Communication Design) students this year, working once again with my co-conspirator, Prof. Anita Giraldo. We are developing a set of tools which will act as the needed decoder rings for incoming freshmen and […]

GSS Internship Pilot Program

I have started an internship program for City Tech students at the Gowanus Studio Space: two¬†students from the Communications Design Department are currently working hard and learning much in the way of printmaking in return. The interns do 7 hours of work in exchange for […]

COMD 4701: Design Team

Class Website I was asked to teach a senior level class at City Tech in June, called Design Team. This class is a chance for our students to work as a larger whole for one client. As I told the class: You are going to […]