Month: April 2015

Monstress: The Initial Plan

In writing these articles, I have swiftly come to realize that I have a lot of work to do to get my practice back in shape. Much of my effort can benefit if I approach my online presence the right way. Having a web site is very nice and all, but being an online citizen is quite another. I try to use this platform as a means for establishing and maintaining credibility, finding peers and support, and generally recording my efforts so I might help others. The following is a wide-ranging examination which will help me hone in on what I need to do. My clarified goals I want to focus in on my art making in a way that helps me get closer to being the cultural producer I know I can be. I want to make work that changes lives while it pushes me beyond comfort levels and presuppositions that I hold dear. I also need it to pay more for itself or I cannot keep it up. It can’t just be a hobby: this is my personal research, and …

Monstress: Objectives & Current State

I have helped others get their cultural producing practices back in shape, now I am trying to apply all I have learned over the years to my own. I had to take a long hard look at Monstress Productions, which represents my longest running art project. This meant looking at as well, which was actually my very first website and online portfolio. What I do with others is sit down for some conversations about history, mindset, and workable goals. I try to get people to see what would really fit their lives, which does involve some delving questions. My goal is to get people to see the value and patterns in what they have already so they don’t feel helpless–amazing how I did not do this for my own art practice until now! Current state of my art practice (and online presence) I have been very busy the last several years and for a variety of reasons, my art practice has gotten shoved into the background again and again. Motherhood, switching careers, recessions? I’ve weathered them all, but …

City Tech Printmaking Club: Progress!

Just a quick check-in: the Printmaking Club is really starting to get underway! We are getting some screen printing ready to roll, we have started working with stencils, and we are planning to build our own bottle jack press so we can print using relief processes whenever we darn well please. These students are starting to really get excited, they are starting to step up  and take charge just as I knew they would. David and I have very different approaches to getting them excited about the material and it is really working out well. He is a true master and I am a rabble rouser–we mesh well as advisors.

Revamping Monstress:
Heal Thyself!

I am leading a workshop in July at the Women’s Studio Workshop: Artists Online: Marketing, Promotion, and Documentation It runs July 13-17 at WSW in Rosendale, New York. Tuition $750 ($675 members), with a class limit of 8 During this 5-day workshop, I will be walking artists through all the steps they need to take in order to build a constructive online strategy for their practices. I will spend April and May documenting the process of revamping Monstress so that I may have a sturdy case study. The topics of the workshop will include: What should your online strategy be? How do you best present your work? Taking/processing photos of physical work Presenting virtual work What social media tools and techniques are most effective Finding design help or doing it on your own Possible free platforms Possible paid platforms Putting it all together: your portfolio is born! Promoting your work in a manageable way Handling emails, tweets, texts, and such Looking for opportunities Exploring options for selling your work online This is all wonderful and I …