Month: March 2015

City Tech COMD: Screensavers Redux

I designed the upcoming screensavers for the COMD students at City Tech. Prof. Anita Giraldo took the photos and led the writing efforts. COMD students were the models for the shots and went over the designs and gave some ideas, as is only proper. I tried to give the slides some of the humor the students each display as once again, our students deserve the best.

Laying Out the Type Manual

The Type Manual project continues: we put our entire planned layout up on a wall to see what we needed to zero in on in terms of instruction and research. The class helped me shape tomorrow’s class, wherein I will teach specific lessons to help the teams complete their sections well. The crit cards are starting to really work as well: everyone is getting up and talking to someone new each class that we can fit it in. There is true hubbub and noise during lab time. They are starting to really inhabit the process as collaborators. I am trying to demystify the process of creation at every turn–I want them to see how the effort is theirs to make. It is half way through the semester and I’d say at least 85% of the class is still showing up with their homework. At least 85%. I am blown away, usually about half of my classes drift into various stages of distraction, exhaustion, or maybe a little indifference by this point. This time, I am making them …