Month: January 2015

The Gowanus Studio Space

The Gowanus Studio Space (GSS) offers space, equipment and support to emerging designers, artists and craftspeople. Located in the historically industrial neighborhood along the Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn, GSS houses a large industrial arts workshop as well as private studios and exhibition space. By providing training, workspace, tools and resources, GSS encourages cross-pollination between the art/design communities; supports new businesses and design projects; and is a vital arts resource for the surrounding community. For the last 2.5 years, I have served as the Publications and Information Manager: I design, maintain, and produce materials for print, exhibition, and screen. I disseminate, organize and maintain meeting notes and internal communications.

Service Philosophy

Service (work you do for the good of your community, organization, or polity that is unpaid and often uncredited) is where I put the entirety of my work and life experience into practice. It is where I have to bring all I have learned to bear in the most humble way possible. It is slow, hard, and often feels unrewarding in the short term. It is usually done from within a committee, with people who have other methods, agendas, and motivations. It is infuriating, then amazing, then infuriating all over again. Make no mistake – for these and so many other reasons, I absolutely love service. Service work is the ultimate in design, people. Do service. Always do some service. It keeps your head the right size while sharpening your every skill. If you can’t find service work to do, pick up one juicy pro-bono client. GIVE BACK and you will give yourself so much more. It reminds you that you cannot always be in the game for money or fame. If you can be of service …

Typography Lesson: Name Tags

When I welcome students into a typography class (any level) on the very first day, I have the students split into pairs. They are expected to interview their partner and then hand letter the name tag for the person in a way that tells about him or her. Then we go around the room and the students introduce each other and out on their name tags. We then move into more group work to break the ice fully. I end the class by have the students pose with their name tags as I photograph them–this gives me a way to learn their names as soon as possible and gives me a nice photo to drop into their student folders. I do this because I want the student to own every moment she has with type. I deeply believe that the biggest obstruction to good craft in design is the student convincing herself that the skills are somehow beyond him. I want the student to feel immediately welcome so I don’t have to spend five weeks getting …

Cynthia King: 2011-2015 Work

I had the distinct pleasure to work with Cynthia King and design for her dance studio for years. By far, she was the best client I have had. She is driven by a strong, compassionate ethos, she believed in my abilities, she treated me as a partner in our work, and she is just really nice to boot.