Month: November 2014

Teaching Philosophy

I teach to empower my students and to enlighten myself, day after day after day. I have come upon the single core element I believe is essential for a successful creative life for any person: the practice of fearless play. The logic I try to get my students to internalize is this: if I cannot take risks in my learning, I will never innovate. If I cannot let go of the familiar or secure long enough to make bold conceptual leaps, I will never excel. If, however, I learn to give myself permission to be as bad or awkward as I need to be at something for a while, I will master the skill and move on to the next one. If I become proficient at this cycle of learning, I will be unstoppable no matter what I encounter. Teaching, in my mind, is full-on activism: I teach to help build the world in which I want to live. To this end, I strive to make my classes safe places so my students are secure …

Culture Doulas

My idea was chosen to be in the Cultural ReProducers: Propositions, Manifestos & Experiments zine.

Printmaking Club

Last year, I started getting the Printmaking Club together. David Barthold joined me this year in rousing the students to action and we are finally building steam! We have had a couple promotional events as the club is open to all students. One was a Valentine’s Day Card Making with potato print lessons.

COMD File Maven

In an effort to improve overall departmental efficiency, I created a Google Drive-based archive for all departmental documents. This proved to be an enormous help when we updated all course descriptions.