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Beyond Printmaking 4

I have work in a show in the lovely city of Lubbock! More details to come… Beyond Printmaking 4 Juror: Kevin Haas January 17 – February 22, 2015 Landmark Gallery Texas Tech University School of Art 18th Street And Flint Avenue, Lubbock, Texas 79409

Research Statement

I push every facet of my practice towards helping myself and  others to become self-actualized and cogent cultural producers. I create, design, and teach in order to make the world a better place. My focus is the cultivation of emotional and intellectual metacognition. If I […]

Design Philosophy

To design is to care, to educate, and to facilitate. I design to make myself a better person within a better world. I design to be of service to all around me as the design process teaches me circumspection and empathy every new day. The […]

Artist’s Statement & Portfolio

I create work that bridges the haptic and the virtual in order to change the world, one person at a time. In order to clarify this statement, I’d like to give you some context: I became a printmaker in college and it electrified me with […]

Monstress Productions

Monstress Productions the name under which I create my conceptual art and design work. Established in 1996 as a zine label, it has grown to encompass several pursuits: printmaking, interaction design, and education among them. I create work that bridges the haptic and the virtual in […]

City Tech:
Info Design F14

I taught Information Design for the WWW this semester. I designed the class so students got to go through two design cycles: the first was an accelerated one as the students worked in groups so we could go through the motions in a low-risk way. Students […]

Web 1 Fall 14

This fall, I taught Interactive / Web Design 1 at Parsons. I reworked my approach so we could really concentrate on the thinking behind developing a cohesive website strategy. The students each developed a project to help others, then we walked through the stages of […]

City Tech:
Type & Media Fall 14

Type & Media is a class I helped rewrite with Profs Maria Giuliani and Genevieve Hitchings. We took the old classes Typography 1 and Publication Media and massaged them into a lovely mélange of type, tech, and hand skills. I contributed my thinking on carving and […]

Criteria for Internships/First Jobs

You may be new to the industry and inexperienced, but you need not suffer through useless or exploitative internships or first jobs. Yes, we do have bills to pay. Yes, we do need to pay our dues and earn our stripes–but there is no excuse […]