Month: August 2012

Here & Now

Here & Now is a multifaceted project: the user receives a sticker set, imprinted with the words Here and Now. He/she then places these prominently around his/her life. Later, these stickers serve as prompts to snap to the Here & Now, thus helping the user to develop present-mindedness. There was also an iPhone app: the user would take a picture of the sticker in use, geo-tags and labels it, and thus record his/her Here & Now for others to see. These were then stored on the website as an ongoing record of the project. Dimensions: 3.5″ diameter, closed Framed: 12″ x 12″ Medium: Letterpress, diecut, website, phone app Completed: August 2012

Game of Love: User Testing

This piece was developed as a print piece for the back of the program I designed for the CSUN Tomorrowland show. I have had a few different ideas for the Game of Love, so I decided to send out a prototype for user testing by volunteers. I got back a few responses, all positive. I have since gone back to the drawing board, and hope to develop this as an app involving remote 3D printing. From the game: What is love? How does it operate in your life? Do you give as much love as you get? This little board game is a simple way to exercise your ability to give and take love. Rules of the game: Roll the die to determine playing order: the person with the highest number goes first and so on. Roll the die to determine how many spaces to move forward. Follow any directions on the block where you land. Play is continued until all players reach the Finish square. The player with the point total closest to zero wins …

Why do I design?

I create because I believe people are essentially good. Before you click away, just wait. I’m not saying every person in the world behaves in ways that are always good. That is not possible, and I know that. I am saying that each and every one of us has the potential to be and do good. That’s the whole reason I get out of bed in the morning, make stuff, and generally live. It’s important to check in with your core motivations once in a while–that way you can tell if you are still on course, as it were. My logic goes like this: People have the potential to be and do good. In fact, unless we are stunted in some way, we just naturally tend to do and be good. Any person can do good by reaching out and helping others learn to tap that potential. The entire world gets incrementally better the more #2 happens. There will come a day when everybody born will have a reasonable chance to be and do good. This is …