Month: January 2011

Monstress Hearts You

I have many irons in the fire as I never know what I will have time or money for. This was one idea I had that just never solidified. I wanted to start giving out random smatterings of artwork as making the Valentines was proving so debilitating financially. Maybe one day.

Many Drawings

I actually draw a lot , but it doesn’t usually work its way into my product design. I’m thinking of bringing it back in. A lot of the pieces are pretty informal–once again, I have usually just worked with whatever materials I could afford once I paid rent and student loans. Then there are the doodles, which I used to document for years. There are just too many.

AINYC Type 1: Lettering as a Foundation

I taught Type 1 at AINYC in 2010 in a room with only one computer, a PC for the instructor to project visuals. Up until then, I had been forced to teach type to students by launching right into InDesign. Getting rid of the digital component transformed my teaching: not that there is no place for the computer, but it hampers beginners. It is such a dazzling device, it prevents the students from really learning for a very long time – even the so-called “digital natives.” We drew letters, we cut out letters, we crawled into the white space and back out again. I made mistakes and the students figured out how to make those lessons more intriguing, Out of this one semester came my gridded lesson, my carved type ideas, and edible type. We did eventually work on the computer, but as I could not teach them in a computer lab, it was pretty odd. I supported the students with lots of videos so they could teach themselves and come in with work, which started my interest …