Monthly archives of “January 2011

Monstress Hearts You

I have many irons in the fire as I never know what I will have time or money for. This was one idea I had that just never solidified. I wanted to start giving out random smatterings of artwork as making the Valentines was proving […]

Many Drawings

I actually draw a lot , but it doesn’t usually work its way into my product design. I’m thinking of bringing it back in. A lot of the pieces are pretty informal–once again, I have usually just worked with whatever materials I could afford once […]

AINYC Type 1: Lettering as a Foundation

I taught Type 1 at AINYC in 2010 in a room with only one computer, a PC for the instructor to project visuals. Up until then, I had been forced to teach type to students by launching right into InDesign. Getting rid of the digital component […]