Year: 2011

Typography Research: Grid Lesson

When I was a rather green instructor, I needed to help my Type 1 class develop a sensitivity to typographic shapes and development while building their very low self-confidence. Tracing letters was doing nothing to help them. I finally realized that using a scaffolded grid exercise in order to help them. My original writeup of my work Examples from later classes Lesson plan

Kickstarter Grant

Kickstarter: The Here & Now Project 103 backers, $5,225 pledged of $5,000 goal

Citizen Designer

In 2010, I took Lara McCormick‘s Citizen Designer course at SVA. We pitched and won a Sappi grant for our work with BigNYC. This class was a huge impetus in my journey into teaching. At a time when I was struggling with my identity as a creative person, Lara showed me how to bring my ethics back into the mix with full force. I was then able to reconnect with my overarching mission, move from full-time ad agency work, and launch my teaching career. Here are the signs I designed for the campaign: We were even written up in Graphic Design USA’s Sustainable Design Issue! I also developed my own project, an app called Only Chumps Dump, for reporting people who dump illegally.

Typography Research: Carving Lesson

I was teaching Type 1 a few years ago  and noticed that the students were really having a hard time with white space around their letter forms. After a few false starts, I went back to how I learned the concept: from printmaking, specifically letterpress. I had them bring in erasers that we then collectively carved into our own letters. In one glorious and messy day, the students started to grasp leading and kerning with ease. I was asked to help rewrite the course and was able to incorporate this lesson for all future City Tech advertising design department students.

Alison McQueen

Alison McQueen is an amazingly talented musician and instructor in Brooklyn. I tried to develop a lovely, welcoming, and hip site for her.

Protest Posters: Pyramid Atlantic

In an effort to revive the connection between artists and political involvement, I designed a workshop wherein I taught the fundamentals of screenprint while helping them develop their own art/activist piece. The one-day workshop explored the revolutionary side of screenprint: from the WPA government propaganda posters of the ‘30s to the French student posters of May ’68, all the way to today’s sticker artists and conceptual adbusters. Participants made a collaborative print, and came away from the class with handouts and knowledge to continue printing on their own. Protest, Propaganda, and Public Art: Silkscreen as a Truly Social Medium  |  Pyramid Atlantic Arts Center, Silver Springs, MD

WSW: Wayzgoose Fall 2011

Wayzgoose is a traditional celebration for all traditional printers. 

Here & Now User Testing

In the development of Here & Now, I put together testing kits and sent them to galleries in Cleveland, Philadelphia, and New York City to be tested. Participants entered their data via a website, and I used the data to form the final structure of the piece. Here & Now User Testing Dimensions: 3” x 4.25” Medium: Xerography, Diecut, Stickers Edition: 500 Completed: 2011

Southwest Physical Therapy

I designed the WordPress-based website, revamped identity, and print pieces for Southwest Healing, a wonderful practice in Brooklyn, New York. The site needed to be straightforward so the owners Mike and Aracelli could keep it updated and fresh on their own.