Yearly archives of “2010

The New York County District Attorney’s Office

Studio: Doublespace Creative Director: Jane Kosstrin

Logo Development: Band Name

FIT GD243: Instructional Website

I have taught Web Design for several years at several schools, and this particular assignment was one of my early favorites: I had the students build a website that taught the end user a multi-step lesson. I encouraged each student to really find something they knew quite […]

FIT GD243: Non-linear Narrative

This was the first assignment: the students could use any sort of HTML they could muster (including deprecated tags and hackery) in order to construct a non-linear narrative. This assignment was originally conceived by CJ Yeh who led that part of the department and I have […]


I designed this site and developed the intranet for Cadogan, a financial institution in New York City. Studio: Doublespace

How to Become a Better Designer

I was asked to give a talk to a student group at FIT entitled How to Become a Better Designer (with a Little User Experience). In order to enliven the material, I used a bunch of cat photos I found on the internet. Entire Presentation

Edible Typography

I was teaching at the Art Institute of New York City in the fall of 2010, and I had one Type 1 class which was struggling mightily, about to fail en masse. Luckily, I discovered most of them had been culinary students in the school’s earlier incarnation. […]

City Tech: Web Design 1, S10

I slowly got the code under control enough to really drive the design much more competently. This was the semester I sat with a student named Solomon and we figured out an enormously complex sprite set-up together. It took a couple of hours, but I […]

Resisting the Remarque

Resisting the Remarque Southern Graphics Council Conference, Philidelphia, Pennsylvania I was treated to the company of Libby Clarke, Jesse Goldstein, and Favianna Rodriguez in a panel I moderated entitled Resisting the Remarque. These three individuals brought their distinct approaches to engaging with the activist print […]