Year: 2010

The New York County District Attorney’s Office

Studio: Doublespace Creative Director: Jane Kosstrin

Logo Development: Band Name

FIT GD243: Instructional Website

I have taught Web Design for several years at several schools, and this particular assignment was one of my early favorites: I had the students build a website that taught the end user a multi-step lesson. I encouraged each student to really find something they knew quite well, and on the whole they produced impassioned, lovely sites. It was the beginning of my realization that students need to discover their own projects and passions. School: Fashion Institute of Technology, New York , NY Course: FIT GD243 Web Design and Production Online samples from this class:  One  |  Two  | Three

FIT GD243: Non-linear Narrative

This was the first assignment: the students could use any sort of HTML they could muster (including deprecated tags and hackery) in order to construct a non-linear narrative. This assignment was originally conceived by CJ Yeh who led that part of the department and I have to say it completely opened me up to a new way of thinking about teaching interaction design. I had been teaching web design in a rote way before, just covering the basics without revealing the adventure and joy of it all. I refined the lesson to suit my style, but honestly, the students just owned this, they completely dove in. School: Fashion Institute of Technology, New York , NY Course: FIT GD243 Web Design and Production Online Samples:  One  |  Two  |  Three  |  Four


I designed this site and developed the intranet for Cadogan, a financial institution in New York City. Studio: Doublespace

How to Become a Better Designer

I was asked to give a talk to a student group at FIT entitled How to Become a Better Designer (with a Little User Experience). In order to enliven the material, I used a bunch of cat photos I found on the internet. Entire Presentation

Edible Typography

I was teaching at the Art Institute of New York City in the fall of 2010, and I had one Type 1 class which was struggling mightily, about to fail en masse. Luckily, I discovered most of them had been culinary students in the school’s earlier incarnation. I asked them to bring in a letter of their choice, as long as they made it themselves out of something sweet. The results were wildly varied in terms of edibility, but their collective enthusiasm and level of dialogue skyrocketed for the rest of the term. Of course, this is technically edible lettering, but at least I got their blood pumping! It opened my eyes and I make a point of interviewing my classes on the first day to look for clues of their prior knowledge. It keeps me on my toes, giving me a chance to enliven the material all over again.

City Tech: Web Design 1, S10

I slowly got the code under control enough to really drive the design much more competently. This was the semester I sat with a student named Solomon and we figured out an enormously complex sprite set-up together. It took a couple of hours, but I realized that this level of instruction could happen in the classroom as well–if I internalized everything I could. This was right around the time I really wanted to quit working as a full-time designer for an agency and teach as much as possible. Within a few months, I’d started teaching at 2 more schools and finally started to get my students to make true leaps altogether as a group.

Resisting the Remarque

Resisting the Remarque Southern Graphics Council Conference, Philidelphia, Pennsylvania I was treated to the company of Libby Clarke, Jesse Goldstein, and Favianna Rodriguez in a panel I moderated entitled Resisting the Remarque. These three individuals brought their distinct approaches to engaging with the activist print and its history to this discussion of how political print work fits into both the realm of contemporary printmaking and the sociopolitical landscape.

KBM Group

I designed the site for the KBM Group. I actually made several deep explorations for this site.