Year: 2009

Best of Photos: 2009

I continue my quest to develop my compositional skills using whatever instant camera I can find.

Bear Mask

For Halloween, I whipped up a quick mask. My background is actually in sculpture – I taught myself papier maché as a child and majored in Ceramics until my allergies forced me to move to printmaking. The mask is now in the collection of Julia M. Graeper.

Graco AirBooster

I designed the website for the AirBooster by Graco. Since it was a brand new sort of booster seat, I needed to help tell a compelling story about the design and development of the product.


Just a quick note to put this ditty up.

Hannah Storm

I designed the first iterations of the Hannah Storm and the Hannah Storm Foundation websites.

AKF Consulting

I designed the WordPress-based site for AKF Consulting, herein New York City. It needed to be straightforward but timeless as the client did not want to have to update the site every other year. So far, I think it has help up well. Site

Out of the Incubator

I was invited to design the ephemera, write the essay, and plan all signage for this exhibition of artists who had in someway been a part of the Women’s Studio Workshop. Show Catalog  |  Signage Plan 35 years of collaboration Libby Clarke was an intern in 1997 and an Artist in Residence in 2000. She has taken part in various projects since, and returns to contribute the following essay on Women’s Studio Workshop. I am only one of the hundreds of artists who have passed through WSW, and I must admit it holds a dear place in my heart. I was transformed by my time there, and in gratitude I hope I can accurately describe why and how this organization has been so important for so many of us former interns, artists, students and teachers. In preparing this essay, I spoke with several alumnae, conflating our stories to reveal the Workshop’s overarching and singular pattern of influence. HISTORY WSW was the product of organic collaboration, and continues to operate in that spirit to this day. …

Pfizer Sitelette

This was a small sitelette for Pfizer.

Walmart Registry

I designed a 3-Step Baby Registry for Walmart.

Warm Ups: Collage

Occasionally, I try to warm up my brain with quick exercises. Collage is always a lovely way to blow the dust of my frontal lobes. I try to crank out a workable composition with whatever I have at hand in 5 minutes.