Yearly archives of “2002

Scholastic Red: Websites

I was the interaction designer for Scholastic Red, a project launched in 2001. The entire program is designed to teach teachers to teach reading better.

Proteus Gowanus

From 2002-2008, I designed, programmed, and maintained the first iteration of the Proteus Gowanus Gallery website. I also designed the initial site for their store. This taught me a lot about code as I did this without the benefit of a CMS: yep, I hand-coded the whole […]

Scholastic Red: Red TVs

I worked for several years as the designer for Scholastic RED, an online program designed to teach grade school instructors to teach reading better. One component of the program were supporting graphics, animations, or interaction pieces called RedTVs.

Love-Facilitated Vision Enabler

The Vision Enabler is a device to give the user a chance to look at his/her life with a loving perspective. The user is encouraged to look at an online animation that is only visible when looked at through the lens of the Vision Enabler.The message […]