Year: 2001

Associativity Charm

The Associativity Charm™ is one of my portrait products, made for a friend who was feeling way too far from anything called home. It is intended to be used as a sensorial aid: when feeling lonely or out of place, you brush your fingertips on the rug’s surface and remember you are not only welcome, you are already here. Associativity Charm™ Prototype 4″ by 6.5″ rug: 3″ by 4.75″ hand-drawn paper label

I started my interaction design career at during the dot com bubble. Such crazy times… Anyway, I met a massive number of terrifically talented people, worked on huge international campaigns, and went from lowly intern to designer in a matter of months. I am eternally grateful to those folks and that time. I learned a lot. Here are some things I worked on. I was a designer, not an art director. That means I did some thinking and a lot of grunt work. Good stuff. Outreach

While a design intern at, I fell in love with my fellow designers. I took it upon myself to think of outreach activities in order to get people excited about our jobs. Later on, I was a part of a team trying to green the company with Ben Grill.

Thought Hawker

The Thought Hawker™ is one of my portrait products: I make products which come in a flash of revelation, a moment when I see what an individual I have met either needs or should patent, personality-wise. These portraits are never meant to be mean spirited, by the way. This piece was for someone who had thousands of great ideas and never had time to deal with all of them. So I made her this handy desk one could wear while walking so she could ideate on the way to work, maybe pass some of her ideas out to others on the way. Sorry the images are so small, I need to track this piece down for a reshoot. 4″ by 14.5″ by 9.25″ January 2001 wood, paper, canvas, leather Instructional PDF