Year: 2000

Monstress Activities Box Set

Springing from the fields of package design and conceptual art, Monstress Activities addresses modern worries and hopes in a humorous, thought-provoking way. This box set of 5 different products combine into one distinctly joyful and fun proposal for a different perspective on life. Arts in Education Artist Book Grant Funded by a National Endowment of the Arts Project Grant Women’s Studio Workshop, Rosendale, New York Medium: Screenprint, Plate Lithography, Diecut Completed: 2000

Moving to the Big City

I drew these for someone with whom I thought I was in love. She was moving to the New York to be closer to me and some other friends, and she was bringing her pets. When she told me she had finally decided to come, I drew these in one fevered evening straight onto copy paper I had stolen from work and sent them the next day. This was how I pitched woo. Ah, youth! These are intended to be trifold brochures. Animated GIFs

At, we designers had an internal designer’s quilt we participated in every possible day. We each submitted a 120 x120 px piece. I developed a crush on someone and started a whole sweeping epic, one little animation at a time.

For The Uninsured

While a resident at WSW in 2000, I was given the chance to put on a show. The show I put together had 2 interactive components. One was a game board that participants could put together using pre-printed parts I provided below a blank wall. The second was a series of hand-fewn notepads which were imprinted with random phrases below a blank space. The participants were encouraged to illustrate or react to the phrases and leave their work for later display.

Ancient History: My first Flash piece

I was living on my friend Shayne’s couch, desperate to find a place to live and work when I first started working on a real presentation of the Monstress brand. This was my effort to make a seemingly interactive introduction to what I do. Please note: this is a Flash movie and will not play on iPads or iPhones. [swf: 1024 745 bgcolor wmode]