Yearly archives of “1998

Head Wrap

I did a series of performance pieces after I left the Printmaking department at Cranbrook, trying to express my frustration with how I had been treated and perceived. In this particular piece, I recorded¬†myself slowly wrapping my head in newsprint and tape. It went on […]

Portfolio Prep

In 1998, I was given the opportunity to lead a Portfolio Prep class with Tanya Gill. We taught a class of high-school students how to prepare some of their established work, but mostly, we helped them fill in the gaps of their previous experience with […]


When I was thrust into the design department, I had a really hard time wrapping my head around what being an designer meant. I was not always fair or pleasant about it. This piece was a particularly reactive one, based on my ambivalence. I set […]

Society of the Secret Hand

I made this for a print exchange. It was my first printmaking project¬†in the design department at Cranbrook, so I used this as a way to explore 4-color separation in screen print. I also added a secret message in a 5th clear coat. The photo […]

Living Aids

When I first arrived in the 2D Design department at Cranbrook, the only place I really had to print was an old, much abused 4 color xerox machine. The only 2 colors they had left was black and red, so those became my color scheme […]