Yearly archives of “1996

Wrench in the Works

This is a book recounting a sad story from my childhood, using no words. Medium: Linocut Case Bound Book, 10 pages Dimensions: 10″ x8.5″ Completed: 1995


I made this book when I was an intern at the Women’s Studio Workshop in 1996. It was all about a crush I had on someone and all the ridiculous plays on language I would use to disguise the feelings I had and the fact […]

Study for Self-Portrait

This is the style I developed throughout my undergrad experience at JMU. The work was mostly figurative explorations of body politics. Dimensions: 18″ x 20″ Medium: Woodcut Completed: 1997  

Valentine ’96

After I graduated from JMU, I moved home, only to have all my worldly possessions washed away by a flood. I decided I needed to go to grad school and started printing a whole new body of work. During that time, I decided to print a […]