What’s in a name?

I named this workshop after the much-read and loved comic by Daniel Clowes from 1991. It came out when I was just starting my art school days in undergrad and I read it over and over, obsessively looking for clues to help me become the total badass I longed to be–authentic, chic, talented beyond reproach…

It didn’t much help, but his little ditty* became part of the mid-90s art school canon. It was bitter, biting, funny** and honestly seemed true to life once I made it through college and headed into grad school.

Now that I have *gasp* sold out entirely and become an art teacher and administrator, I want to come back and look over all I know now. Art school was the most infuriating and important phase of my formal education. It is based on the occasionally subjective and ego-laden worlds of fine art and high design, but it also connects to the heights of human potential and universal truths.

For all I went through, I come away knowing solidly that it was worth it. Art school was one of the most important and ultimately positive turns in my life and I know so many want to experience it as well. I am using this class as a forum to develop a clear approach for developing artists and designers see how and if they want to go to an undergraduate or graduate level program, and if they do, how they can do it without going insane. I will put all my notes, resources, and materials here for you all to use – let me know if it’s helpful.


* Clowes said in later interviews that he quickly drew it to fill pages that were due for a pending Eightball.

** There was also a perfectly forgettable movie made based on it in 2006.

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