First Session: Notes and a Mission!

We had a first session this last Thursday at the Art Center, and although it was a very small crowd of one phenomenal student and myself, the discussion was intense and far-ranging.

Topics included
(and soon to be written up as entries)

  • Methods of researching ideas well beyond Pinterest
  • The Design Cycle and how it applies to art making
  • Printmaking (where to begin)
  • Cloud storage for your personal portfolio and raw data
  • What different schools actually offer and what you are actually looking for
  • What your art teacher at school hasn’t told you and why (hint: s/he has to teach you art, so no need to expect them to tell you all this other stuff)
  • Consider the source: I tried to make sure I admitted my perspective and bias as I am only one resource

two suggested tasks For next week

  • Using Google Drive, put together a spreadsheet of your schools and how they rank by the pros, cons, or actual characteristics you really care about
  • Send me images of some of your work that YOU like and maybe tell me why

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