ADV3560 F14: Xenia Saptefrati

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Project Description

Eat Clean

There are a large number of young people suffering of diabetes, obesity or any other illnesses. Too many people misunderstand that eating clean doesn’t required a lot of money and time. Lack of knowledge is the greatest obstacle we facing nowadays. There is some much information on the internet about nutrition, healthy life style, eat clean, cook cheap, and so on, but that’s not enough. Young people tend to associate healthy food with parents requirements, or something that’s boring and depressed.   A good nutrition education needs to be comprehensive, seamless based on community needs and resources.

I am going to design and make an educational application for young people (15-25 years old) who want to have a healthy lifestyle.The application will include surveys, recipes, resources and an option to scan or manually enter your products for more healthy recipes. The application will encourage users to prepare and cook healthy meals with a minimum budget in a short time. The application will have an option to display nutritional information about a scanned/ entered product. This way, people will have a larger understanding about each ingredient. People should know exactly what they eating in order to avoid obesity or chronic illness. The application will be very cheap, easy to use and interest teenagers. It will give opportunities to improve people’s lives through health and other variables that make up a balanced life, full of energy and enjoyment of life.

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